The Home of Healthy Lifestyles!

Helping families stay motivated with simple solutions to make life a little easier, is what we do!

We are excited to share our simple solutions with you, so you can help yourself and your family stay independent & organized, enjoy life, and achieve becoming your very best!

We are a very fun and loving husband and wife team as the founders of Lifestyle Rezolutions Company.


Over the recent past years, we have been faced with events that challenged our strength, passion and will.

With the sudden and unexpected loss of a sister, the passing of a father, and the difficult journey of caring for a parent with Alzheimer's disease, all within a few short years, has been truly unbearable and heartbreaking.

With each challenge came weight gain and our own medical concerns that felt as if there were no end in sight. Despite our educations and backgrounds, the increasingly difficult physical and mental tasks left us wishing for simple answers to help us through such difficult times.

Our challenging experiences and the great need for help is what inspired the development of Lifestyle Rezolutions Company!

Making It Happen

LRC is fueled by compassion for others and supported by our experience as business owners in the health care industry. Our know-how is backed by our combined experience in nursing, elder health, fitness training and healthy living.

This has inspired us to gather our personal experiences and education to help others with day-to-day frustrations or in challenging times, achieve clarity, and stay motivated to continue to be their very best!

Most of us know what we need to do to improve our lives. Unfortunately, when life throws us too many challenges, even with the know-how, we can find ourselves from needing somewhere to turn for support. Whether it's with inspiration, tools, or simple answers, we need something to pick ourselves back up in order to keep going.

When such challenges emerge, a little bit of help gets just about anybody back up on their feet and ready to tackle life head on!


Our mission is to continue to provide families with easy solutions that help adopt healthy lifestyles, confidently handle life's challenges, find happiness, and enjoy a full life without regrets!

Our goals are not only set to make a difference in a variety of households; we believe that making personal changes & investing in ourselves can also help others! We are proud to help a variety of foundations with your support. We can all make a difference by making personal changes in our own lives!

Lifestyle Rezolutions is proudly Canadian. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia.