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10 Fitness Tips for 50+

Getting started on your way to healthy living? Don't let your age limit you; remember, it's just a number! Take a look at some easy tips to start on your way to becoming fit!

#1. Always Consult Your Doctor

It's important to get a professional opinion before starting any exercise program!

#2. Drink Plenty of Water

It's very important to be drinking enough water, even while not exercising. Check out LRC's best way of tracking your water intake, Water Watcher! Water comes with endless benefits, so make sure to keep yourself well hydrated each and everyday to achieve an optimal healthy body and the bonus benefit of greater weight loss success!

Check out all the great benefits of drinking water!

#3. Avoid Over-Exercising

When starting any new program, it can be very exciting and encouraging to start exercising like crazy. This can be a negative as it can cause you to burn out very fast! Even worse, you can cause yourself an injury by not allowing your body any recovery time. So please be active, but not unrealistic! Listen to your body, especially if it hurts.

#4. Stay Motivated Everywhere

Don't let those fit bodies at the gym be intimidating! Use them as a motivator! Remember, everybody at a gym is there to improve themselves. Everyone is there for the same reason! There are countless people that work out and have wonderful bodies today from pure dedication and commitment, starting at the same point that anybody else does.

It takes a positive attitude, commitment, and the ability to let go about what others may think in order to succeed. It's your success, not anybody else's! Remember to be inspired by others and stay motivated. With the wisdom of being over 50, remember that everything worth having takes a lot of doing, not dreaming. Nothing comes from nothing, and great things come from doing and dedication!

#5. Get Rid of Flapping Arms with Weights

Want to achieve shapely arms and increased strength? Consider incorporating resistance bands or weights to get those flappy arms looking and feeling great!

#6. Invest in a Pedometer and Challenge Yourself!

Consider starting with something that you know! Walking longer distances or completing a lap somewhere faster is a great way to start your day. Feel motivated to sit less and walk a little more each and every day!

#7. Get Going to the Music!

Have some fun and get things done, all while listening to some of your favorite upbeat songs! It's great way to get get active and relieve some stress while getting those to-dos done! You will be amazed at how many calories can be burned as you do some regular household chores with a little speed.

Many songs are anywhere from 2 to 6 minutes long. Try adding a little spring in your step, and challenge yourself to see how much you can do listening to a few of your favorites songs!

#8. Stay Committed and Walk with a Friend or Partner

This is a great time to socialize or have some quality time with your spouse all while burning some of those unwanted calories! What are you waiting for? Walk, talk and get fit!

#9. Try Mall Walking

Do a little window shopping with some speed in your step! Many malls offer mall walking prior to the mall opening for some great fitness fun! This is a great way to meet some new friends and get fit, or do it on your own when the weather is not ideal outdoors. You can walk with your energizing music on your headphones, people watch, and see what's new all while getting fit!

#10. Keep Fitness Fun!

Check out some of our other articles for some great ideas when you're ready to step up the exercise, and consider asking a friend to join you!

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