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10 Ways to Get Motivated to Exercise!

#1. Prepare Ahead!

Being prepared is half the battle! Set out your workout clothes at your bedside the night before and decide on a workout you would enjoy doing! Your clothing will be an automatic reminder to get ready up and get going first thing in the morning. It is a great idea to place an index card on top of your clothes with a clear list of benefits of working out and the consequences of not! This little card and your clothing ready to go will help you to get moving and ditch those excuses!

#2. Wake Up Earlier

Exercising in the morning is a great way to feel good for the rest of your day and improve natural energy to get other things done! Morning workout routines are proven to have better results, as it leaves no excuses at the end of the day from feeling too tired, or unexpected to-dos that can interfere with your exercise routine. Morning workouts will always leave you feeling great during the day knowing that your workout is done!

#3. Play Some Music

Download some motivating, energetic new music for your workout and put some spring in your step! Music naturally makes most of us feel good and wanting to move with a little more speed. Spice up any activity with your favorite music and feel motivated to get up and get fit!

#4. Start Small

Don't overdo it! Start out with doable, small goals that are enjoyable and motivating! It is very important to not set out unrealistic expectations from yourself. This can lead to unnecessary frustrations and often result in not wanting to continue. By setting small, achievable steps each day you will lead yourself to a desire to do more.

Consider asking a friend to start taking regular walks together! This is a great way to get started, socialize and stay accountable to each other to meet up regularly. Remember every step you take is better than no step!

#5. Make Your Routine Easy

Try starting your workout from home and get into the swing of things! Even better, it's free! Another option, check your local library for a variety of workout DVDs to maintain fresh exercises. You can even check out online for options and fun workouts you can do from the comfort of your home!

#6. List Out Your Favourites

Create a list of fitness activities that you would enjoy and pre-plan each day with a workout that you will love, or one that you've never done! Keep motivated by changing up your workout routine regularly to keep your body guessing and achieving optimal results!

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#7. Try Something New

A new class could be just the thing for you! Or join a cause where you can start walking or running and get motivated with others! Walking for a cause is also a great way to get fit, give back to others, and meet new friends. Try something new, you just might surprise yourself with an exciting newfound favourite!

#8. Get a New Outfit

Dressing your best is a great way to feel really good about yourself and for others to see you in a fresh healthy way! Buy a new exercise outfit that makes you feel great and keeps you feeling motivated to move!

#9. Count Down to Success

Create a fitness countdown, and reward yourself every 14 days with non-food rewards! Start checking your way off to a healthier, fitter you! It is very important to reward yourself at set times for maintaining healthy habits with non-food rewards. Try clothing or rewards that makes you feel good and look great like a cute workout outfit, pedicure, facial or new pair of jeans! This a great way to stay motivated to be your best. Start trading off those fast food dollars for non-food rewards instead!

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#10. Do It Your Way

Make your fitness convenient and enjoyable so you can stick with it! A routine doesn't have to be routine; make it regular and fun! Fitness can be anything you choose, as long as you are moving with a little active effort!

With these motivating tips in mind, you have some great tools to help you achieve a healthier and improved you!

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