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12 Energy Boosters

Feeling like you need a little more energy to get through the day? You don't need another coffee! Try these tips out and see how much more energetic you can be just by living a healthier lifestyle!

#1. Shower Each Morning & Dress Your Best

Choose to wake up a little earlier to take time to dress your best! The way you dress determines a lot of how you will feel about yourself throughout the day and how others see you.

It is an unfortunate reality that society can be judgemental by our physical appearance. It is important to take care of yourself and dress your best in order to feel more energetic and good about yourself throughout the day. That little extra time choosing not to sleep in, has a lot to give back for how you feel throughout the entire day! You will find yourself walking taller, having a more positive attitude and feeling more confident!

What are you waiting for? Set that alarm clock a little earlier to look and feel your best and add some energy into your day!

#2. Don't Skip Breakfast

Your first meal is what jumpstarts your metabolism! Even if you are not a breakfast eater, start small by creating a new habit of eating breakfast. You will be happy with much more stable moods, energy and good nutrition in your body to start getting you through your day!

#3. Eat Small Meals Every 2 to 3 hours

A stable level of energy needs regular small amounts of food to process! Spend some extra time in your day to have snacks between meals. Eating mini meals and snacks regularly throughout the day is a great way to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight and never feel famished or in a position to make bad food choices from being over hungry! The best part is you will keep your body fueled up to produce great stable energy that you need to get through your day!

#4. Drink Water!

Keep your body feeling its best and drink up, try aiming for 8 to 10 glasses a day! See some great benefits here!

Or, keep track of your water intake with this handy tracker!

#5. Skip the Caffeine

Do you need more and more cups of coffee just to stay focused or awake each day? Do you experience caffeine crashes and need more coffee just to function? Coffee can be a vicious circle of trying to maintain energy, crashing and finding yourself needing more and more! Sound familiar? Proper rest and hydration are far better for your well-being and long term energy than caffeine ever will be!

Try taking a 20 minute timed power nap to refresh yourself if needed and make those caffeine crashes a thing of the past! The less coffee you consume the more natural energy you will start to build so you can feel great all day long! Consider slowly cutting back to let your body adjust without to much shock. Try swapping to decaf or half and half to help make those changes a little easier to overcome.

#6. Try Making Shakes

Make your own nutritious protein energy shakes each day! Try blending banana, honey, protein, mixed berries, and water for a mouth-watering, guilt-free shake! Shakes are a great healthy option for breakfast or snacks loaded with great nutrition and added energy. Check out your local library or online, for some great recipe ideas to come up with some amazing shake ingredients to blend for your next tasty shake!

#7. Avoid Energy Crashers like Alcohol and Soda!

Skip those empty calories and choose beverages that are healthy fuel for your body, like water, nutritious shakes, herbal teas, and or fresh juice. Your body will thank you for good nutrition and help you with stable energy from allowing your bodies organs to feel and function at their very best. Remember what goes into your tank is what you can expect for energy in return. Choose to fuel your body well!

#8. Skip High Fat Fast Foods

Brown bag your own healthy lunches instead! Refined sugar, heavy fats and starchy carbs are all things your body can do without in excess! High fat foods is like pulling the plug on any good energy in your body. Your body needs good fuel going in it to give you good performance going out!

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#9. Eat Fresh Fruit & Veggies

Choose to add color to all your meals and snacks! Making this one simple addition to all your meals will help you incorporate essential nutrition through fruits and vegetables into your diet. Include essential vitamins for good health, they'll even give your body good fuel to give you energy and well-being in return!

#10. Exercise in the Morning!

Fewer excuses for later, and way more energy throughout your day? Exercising in the morning is the best! Take some time to prepare a workout routine the night before ready for the morning, and start your day on the right step! Even with the best intentions to exercise later in day, life simply gets busy and unexpected things happen to get in the way.

You can even just feel too tired and full of excuses after your energy has been already spent. Exercising in the morning puts a stop to those unnecessary excuses and will give you more energy, increase confidence, and improved moods to take with you through out your day!

#11. Preplan Meals

You'll spend less time scrounging around for the next meal in the cupboard and instead know exactly what you want, hours in advance! This is a great way to stay on track with a healthy weight and have the ability to have good energy by taking the time to fuel your body with healthy choices by planning ahead.

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#11. Lastly, Stay Positive!

Stress has a major impact on energy levels. Maintain a good attitude and surround yourself with positive people to help you stay motivated and to see the positive in everything! By avoiding negative people and surroundings, you will find yourself enjoying the beauty of a more happy and stress free lifestyle!

Give these 12 energy boosters a try throughout the week. You'll find yourself much more productive and happy! Try each one out and find the best boosts for you!

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