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15 Reasons to Lose Weight

Staying on track with a new lifestyle that helps you lose weight can be difficult at times. Whether you're starting up or just barely holding on, these points can get you focused and ready to move!

Tip 1: It's For You

It is very important to be starting any fitness program for yourself to improve your health, not to appease others who are telling you what to do! If you are doing it to prove something to someone else or make others happy, you're doing it for all the wrong reasons and could be setting yourself up for failure! Be sure to lose weight for the right reasons: for yourself and your own well-being!

Tip 2: You've Got to Move It to Lose It

You really dont have to dread trying to get in shape; exercise can be something you enjoy!

Here are a few great exercise ideas that can be a lot of fun!

There are endless options! It's a great idea to take a little me time and sit down with a pen and paper to write out 10 fun active ideas you would enjoy and make a commitment to yourself to start getting in shape.

Just remember you need to be doing something different in order to get different results. Choose to get fit and have fun and make those exercise excuses a thing of the past!

Tip 3: Do It for the Right Reasons

Choose to stop just wanting to lose weight, and start wanting to be healthy instead! Start dedicating a little time each day to becoming healthy, and positive results like good moods, decreased stress, increased confidence, improved energy and a more shapely body can all be your rewards!

Tip 4: Use the Power of Music

This one will help you organize, too: time your favourite song, (it may be 3 to 5 minutes long). Find some songs that are similar in length that you enjoy and play one as you clean! Try dusting, washing floors, cleaning the bathroom or picking things up with a little speed and spring in your step. Have fun working up a sweat while getting tasks done!

Tip 5: Confidence

Improve your posture by standing straight. Simply try aligning your shoulders with your hips and start walking tall and feeling good about yourself!

It will improve your appearance, confidence, self-esteem and others will treat you better!

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Tip 6: Consider the Consequences

Read these risks of no activity and ask if it's really worth it:

A little effort towards fitness and proper nutrition really has a lot of benefits, so what's your excuse? Are you really willing to not exercise and increase your risk of all these consequences?

Tip 7: Lift Some Weights!

Try lifting, even if it's a couple pounds! You can achieve a stronger and more shapely body! Lifting weights is a great way to make daily tasks easier through improved strength and help to improve your overall health. Remember 1 pound of muscle can burn calories even at rest and increase your metabolism to help burn those unwanted calories!

Tip 8: Benefits of Lifting Weights

Tip 9: Reinforce Your Positivity

Remember each and every day that doing nothing gives you nothing. If you do nothing, you can expect nothing in return! Try doing a little something, or a lot, and see how much you get back! You will experience the rewards of all your efforts and improve your overall well-being!

Repeat positive reasons to exercise and take actions every single day and achieve positive results! It may not happen overnight, but the accumulation of your efforts will have you amazed at your results and feeling great! Just imagine how great you will feel when you look back in 6 months from now!

Tip 10: Learn and Understand

There is approximately 3500 calories in a pound of fat on the body. One pound of muscle takes up much less space in your body and has many benefits to improve your well-being and the bonus of even burning calories at rest. Increasing your strength will help to reduce weight and measurements and get you looking beautiful and shapely! Choose to add great benefits with some weights into your workout routine!

Tip 11: Relieve Yourself

Keep in mind that for every pound of fat you remove from your body, you also remove 4 pounds of pressure to your knees and other load-bearing joints! Try doing the math; you will amaze yourself with how much pressure you could be putting on your knees. Your joints will really thank you and add some spring into your step by getting active and losing excess unwanted weight!

If your joints are hurting too much to get going, consider great exercise options like Aqua Size and swimming to lose weight and start relieving all that unnecessary pressure on your joints!

Tip 12: Consider Your Personal Space

Something to think about! What's bigger: an orange, or two cantaloupes? That's seriously the difference between a pound of muscle and a pound of fat! What would you rather have?

Tip 13: Exercise Where You Are Comfortable

You don't need a gym to stay fit! Right at home or in the great outdoors are great places to start! All you need is a pair of running shoes and the drive to put one foot in front of the other. Start with going up and down steps at home or at a park, walking down the street, stretching and then going around the block! These are the first steps to a healthier & leaner you!

Tip 14: Reprogram Your Brain

Make sure you choose fitness you truly enjoy, so you can always look forward to being active and feel motivated to do more! Avoiding exercise you dislike is very important, along with planning your fitness routine each evening for the following day! A little planning really goes a long way in developing long term healthy habits! ! It's a great idea to always change it up to avoid getting bored. Fitness comes in many forms, check around our site for some great suggestions!

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Tip 15: Journal Everything

Keep track of your steps to success. It's a very important element of staying motivated! You will find that this keeps you accountable and allows you to see your progress from where you started.Make it fun and Journal what you have done to create some positive new habits!

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There you have it! Get active and be ready to take on any challenge, no matter how far in your new healthier lifestyle you are! Good luck!

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