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Getting Started for Fitness at 50+

Find out some more great information about starting up your exercise routine at 50+!

#1. Buy Some Great Workout Clothes

There's nothing like feeling positive about your fitness by wearing some nice new workout clothes! Wear something that makes you feel great and fits you well. You want to feel great and be able to move around comfortably!

#2. Journal Your Progress

Each and every day, your food and fitness should be tracked! It will keep you accountable each day, and a journal works as a great motivator when you start to see all your progress!

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#3. Take Your Weight and Measurements, Day 1

Taking your weight is best to do first thing in the morning after using the toilet and without clothes on. Enter your starting weight and measurements and then stay off the scale for the first month. Simply focus on getting moving, and save your weight / measurements for later. Let your body, health, energy, mood, and clothes let you know your success!

#4. Set Realistic Goals & Reward Yourself

Make sure you pursue a goal that is realistic and attainable! Also, set yourself some non-food rewards to keep you motivated! Stay focused on your pre-planned non-food rewards like a special day at the spa!

#5. Find Somewhere New to Exercise

Change it up and try something new! A new park with great pathways, beach trails, a sea wall, or even walking in the city is wonderful while you take in all that energy! Challenge yourself to multiple blocks of walking, and find a relaxing place to stretch out after a great workout!

It's great to be creative to keep exercise fun to motivate you towards your healthy success!

#6. Manage Your Exercise Time

Be an early bird with exercise! No time? Wake up a little earlier and eliminate those excuses! We all have the same amount of time every day; it's all about keeping a positive attitude to get yourself going! Your body will thank you. You will create energy for the day, and most of all when you're tired and nighttime rolls around, you can feel great that you have already taken steps to becoming a much healthier you!

#7. Food & a Little Added Fitness

Enjoy a full glass of water before your next meal! This is a great way to help curb your appetite for some simple portion control! Consider taking a stroll after your meals so your body creates some extra energy instead of storing all those dinner calories on the sofa!

You will not only burn calories, but feel refreshed and achieve some clarity while reducing stress!

#8. Base Your Success on Yourself

Lose weight for yourself and your health, not for anybody else! If you want to lose weight for someone, you're doing it for all the wrong reasons! Long-term success requires you to have self-motivation. Remember that the happiness you will attain will be seen by everyone else anyway, so don't worry about what they may expect! Your body is the only thing you have to take you through life; take care of it so your body can take care of you!

#9. Write Out Your Reasons

Try to get at least 10 reasons why you want to lose weight and get healthy. Repeat those reasons every single morning and right before bed! These reasons will be the first thoughts you take through your day and your last thoughts for your subconscious while you sleep! This is a great way to stay focused on achieving your fitness goals!

#10. Choose Your Happiness

It's up to you if you choose to feel old or stay young at any age! It's your attitude and actions that determines how you look and feel!

Now you're equipped to be on your way to a healthier, fitter, better you! Always remember to talk to your doctor and listen to your body throughout your new routines, and keep up a positive attitude to keep at it! A positive mind will help you achieve positive healthy results!

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