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Skinny Kitchen: How to Decrease Grazing & Eating Bad Food

Part of eating healthy is putting yourself in a place that allows you to make the best decisions easiest. Browse our other articles for tips on portion control to learn to live in a tempting household!

Remove the Excess

High fat and high sugar foods are problem areas that you can do without! Take some time to go through these foods and consider donating anything you can to your local food bank. Replace those foods with more healthy choices to make eating healthy easy!

Stock the Fridge with Success

A trip to a local farmer's market or any produce section can get you vegetable-minded! It is a good idea to take some time as soon as you get home to wash and pre-chop all your produce and place everything into clear containers or ziplock bags for use later. You will encourage everyone in the family to make healthy snack choices, and make preparing your meals much easier!

Pre-Clean and Cut Fruit

A great breakfast idea and something for anybody in the family to snack on, fruit provides energy, satisfies sweet cravings and can be a real healthy boost to anyone's day!

The Power of Protein

If you find yourself way too busy to heat up a pan some days, precook your chicken breasts and cube it up! Simply store it in your fridge in a clear plastic container and prepare some great meals in a snap! You can make many great quick meals like chicken salad, wraps, serve over some tasty vegetables or even compliment your leftovers!

Chop and Bag Snacks

Resealable baggies are great for chopped veggies and other snacks. Take them on the go and make a habit of portioning each bag out! It's easy to make snacks a part of your routine that will provide energy and a bit of joy in your day!

Ditch the Supersize

Some swapped out plates can seriously make a difference when you're looking at your latest creation or favourite meal! Consider reducing your plate to a more lunch-friendly size to help out with portion control.

Try Something New Every Day

The frying pan is far from the only tool you have in your kitchen to prepare hot foods! Try using leaner options to cook like grilling on the barbecue, broiling, steaming, or using indoor grills that allow any excess fat to drip away from foods.

Being mindful of the method you use to cook and trying new healthy recipes regularly is a great way to stay motivated to live healthier lifestyles for you and your family!

Use Blue to Banish the Bulge

Another great way to reduce portion sizes is to use blue dishes. Blue is naturally a color that suppresses the appetite and makes foods seem less appealing! Next time you are out and about, take a look around. You will notice fast food restaurants do not use the color blue often. Usually, you'll see colors like red and yellow that can encourage eating.

Taking steps to make some simple changes within our own kitchens, can really lead to amazing results!

Remember that what we stock in our kitchens determines our food choices! Avoid shopping when you're hungry and be sure to take the time to do weekly meal planning and follow your grocery list to stay on track with healthy choices!

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