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How To: Stay on Track with Weight Loss

Worried that you won't see results? Try incorporating some of these ideas into your healthier lifestyle and improve your weight loss progress!

#1. Start a Journal

The first and most important step is being accountable to yourself with the use of a journal right from day one! It is very important to document your new healthy lifestyle program! You will be surprised by a journal, you will stay inspired and motivated to stay on track! Journaling allows you to always see where you can improve for greater success and will help you stay focused to achieve your desired weight loss goals!

#2. Weigh

Enter your current weight and your desired weight! It is very helpful to weigh yourself in the morning before breakfast and without clothing. It is also a good idea to maintain this rule the next time you weigh in. Just make sure you don't weigh yourself too often; water weight and digesting food can throw off your weight by a few pounds and de-motivate you for no real reason! Your clothing and your inner self will always have you knowing your weight by how you feel.

Weight is just a number, it's much more important to feel in shape and have your clothes fit nicely and not feeling uncomfortable. Stay motivated by being more focused with your body measurements then the numbers on the scale!

#3. Measure

Enter your measurements on day one into your journal. Use a soft tape measure, found at any dollar store around town in the sewing section. Places to measure:

It's very important to write down your weight and body measurements from day one and note them into your journal. Aim to take your measurements once every two weeks and work on the numbers going down and feeling great!

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#4. Preplan, Preplan, Preplan!

Take some time and write down your meals for the day ahead of time. A little time to plan each day can really help avoid poor choices you only end up regretting and takes the frustration out of knowing what to make! You will have peace of mind of being prepared with necessary ingredients so you can look forward to meals that are appealing to you!

#5. Try a Success Tracker

One of the best ways to keep track is using a success tracker! Lifestyle Rezolutions provides many solutions at our shop and we provide free tools like the Pound Tracker that you can print off at home! You will find yourself so excited as you start crossing off all your weight loss success!

#6. Quit the Blame Game

Where you are at this very moment is strictly from your choices with food and fitness. Only you are in control of what you choose to put in your mouth each day, and it's only you that can begin today by making changes towards where you want to be! It doesn't start tomorrow, it starts right now! Choose to make positive changes to achieve a healthy happy and more fit you!

#7. Your Body, Your Reasons

Lose weight for yourself and nobody else! When you lose weight on your own terms, your chances for success are so much higher because you don't need others to motivate you! What are you waiting for? Become your very best and be proud of yourself!

#8. Persistence, Then More Persistence!

When you fall, slip or screw up, be sure to pick yourself right back up and keep going! This is your road to success! Stopping will never let you feel and see your unbelievable beauty and the great benefits of your success! You truly have the power to amaze yourself and no one can do it but you!

If you've been on many diets, you know that old habits are what has brought you here. Kick the quick fixes! Starting now, make a pact with yourself from this day forward to always keep going, no matter how badly you slip up! Promise to always let bad days go by and brush yourself off and keep going! Don't ever throw away all your efforts for the occasional bad day!

#9. Set Realistic Goals

While you're motivated and ready to go, always remember to keep your objectives in sight. Weight did not come on overnight. Unfortunately it does not leave overnight either, so be sure to start small. By being realistic, you will give yourself real results!

Remember, in order to lose weight permanently you must make permanent, realistic, and doable changes! Try adding one healthy active choice and at least one healthy food choice each and every day to increase your motivation and success!

#10. Don't Obsess

Don't weigh yourself daily! This tip may sound strange if you've been on diets, but it's just a demotivator! Try for every week, or if you're just starting, every other week! You will be much happier with your results when you don't have to work away at a number that doesn't seem to go down fast enough. Choose to stay focused on getting healthy and feeling great instead!

#11. Write Out Your Reasons

Excited to work towards a healthier, happier you? The best way to start is to write down five reasons for why you want to lose weight! Each and every day when you wake up and before you go to bed, recite each of these reasons five times. These will be your first thoughts of the day and the last ones to carry with you while you sleep! It's a simple little practice to keep you focused and motivated to achieve your goals.

Swap It or Change It Up

Losing weight can be as easy as swapping old ways for new ways! Swap soda for water, swap carbs for some favourite veggies, swap cake for a healthy fruit, swap big dinner plates for lunch plates and so on. Losing weight can be a series of small gradual changes that can lead to big results that last a lifetime!

Treat yourself with the respect you deserve! Your body and wellness are important and affect you every single day, so put a little effort in to get a lot in return!

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