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Why Diets Don't Work

Diets are simply an ongoing yo-yo effect of weight loss and more weight gained. Learn why you should stop the cycle!

#1. Diets Deprive You

We all know most diets start with a list of all the 'can't have' foods, which causes an automatic feeling of 'I want every food in sight'! It's a great idea to make diets a thing of the past and simply stick with more sensible choices and smaller portions.

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#2. Temporary

Diets really are temporary! Being "on a fad diet" always means for a set amount of time. Most of us go on a diet and maybe lose the weight and then go right back to our old eating habits, and in most cases we eat even more from all the feeling of being deprived of our favorite foods. Choosing a realistic approach without eliminating but instead limiting favorite foods may cause your weight loss to be a little slower, but will result in creating positive habits and a healthy weight loss that can last a lifetime!

#3. Flip-Flops

Everyone always feels like they could lose a few pounds! Unfortunately, diets cause frustration in trying lose weight and eventually results in excess weight which in turn affects our health, appearance, self confidence, stress levels, self esteem and much more. Choose to make diets a thing of the past and get on board with healthy lifestyles and weight loss that will last!

#4. Always Hungry, Always Need to Measure

Most of us are never truly satisfied with being on a diet, especially when you're toying around with measuring cups to avoid a few calories, and or counting points. For long term success focus on eating 5 mini meals every 2 to 3 hours and take some time to learn how to make new healthy favorites. Be sure to always be mindful of your portion sizes for long term success!

#5. Binge Eating

Sometimes the only way of getting through a diet is imagining yourself eating everything you missed right after! This is literally how most of us reward ourselves with our weight loss success! You will be shocked as to how quickly the weight can pack right back on! This is why it is very important to not deprive yourself on any weight loss journey.

If you love chocolate cake, don't deprive yourself, simply stick with the 2 baby bite rule. The most satisfaction to sweets is within the first bite. Another option is to allow yourself a day to have some of your favorites in moderation, along with adding a little extra physical activity to help keep your weight in check. By allowing real life to happen with realistic restrictions, will allow you to achieve real results that lasts!

#6. Exhaustion

Diets not only restrict our food, they also restrict nutrients we need to have for optimal energy. Limiting foods can make you feel tired with limited calories, leading to an all-day slump and unnecessary mood swings!

#7. Lack of Nutrition

Many diets boast great weight loss within weeks, but that almost always means your body making great sacrifices to keep you functional. Some diets promote shakes, pills or very particular foods and ingredients that are very costly and not effective for long term affordability or success.

Many diets can cause a serious lack in your body's nutrition. It may be quick to lose weight, but the consequences can not only cause more weight gain. It can cause many health complications from improper nutrition for your body! Choose to fuel your body with healthy choices to feel and look your very best!

#8. Unrealistic

We always recommend realistic goals, but diets are almost the exact opposite! Real life, full of socializing and change every day, doesn't work with a calorie-by-calorie diet! Learning how to have favourites in moderation and planning to do extra activity following any event is a great way to live life in balance and achieve great results!

It is also a great idea to take some time to learn the menu options of favourite take out places and choose sensible selections ahead of time to take out the regret of poor choices later. Instead of spending time focusing on a diet, take that time to learn and plan your way around foods you love and how you can make more healthy selections to achieve a healthy weight!

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#9. Gets Expensive Quickly

Some diets promote quick fix pills or shakes, others ask you buy very particular foods and ingredients that you probably don't have the dollars or time for over the long term! Eating at home and packaging your own foods for school or work keeps you in control of your choices and weight, with the added bonus of saving all those dollars from all those fad diets.

Choose to use your saved dollars towards non-food rewards instead for achieving weight loss through new healthy habits!

#10. Lackluster Meals

The diets foods you are supposed to eat once you're done portioning, preparing and cooking, don't even taste good! Taking some time to try out new healthy recipes each week that are appealing to your taste buds is a great way to develop new healthy favorites that not only taste great but will help you achieve long term weight loss success!

Just remember the word DIE in diet is for a reason! Gaining and losing weight continuously over the years can eventually lead to many preventable health problems. Put a stop to dieting and remember in order to get different results you need to take different actions.

Choose to make healthy lifestyle changes that are realistic for you and will last a lifetime!

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