Fitness - Quick Tips

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EZ•Fitness in 15!

This fit series guides you through some quick routines you can do at any time in your day to increase energy and improve your well-being!

At-Home Exercise, Quick and Easy!

Working out at home is a great alternative for getting into shape and saving dollars from those costly gym memberships. Best of all, you save on travel time leaving you with no excuses for time to work out! Choose to exercise for free inside your home, or take it outside into the fresh outdoors, it's up to you!

For this workout, you will need a timer and remember to keep going from exercise to exercise without stopping in between to blast those unwanted calories and get fit!

If you don't have stairs, look around the house for something sturdy and similar! A fireplace mantle or solid stool works great!

Spend some time on this exercise and even modify it to challenge yourself more! You'll see results in no time and will have plenty of extra energy from your body getting into great shape and feeling refreshed!

Always consult your physician before starting any new fitness program. Your health comes first!

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