Fitness - Quick Tips

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Fitness On the Road!

Turn traffic time into training time! Why not be productive while you wait? Add a little fitness into your stops instead of fidgeting! It's fun, healthy, and nobody else will even know you're shaping up every way you can!

You'll be amazed how much you can do in five minutes - do something good for your body, de-stress, and feel great! These exercises are fantastic for sitting around:

Please note these exercises should only ever be performed in a vehicle while at a complete stop with the car in park for your safety!

Automobile Ab Blast

Squeeze and hold your abs for 10 seconds and release. Repeat 10 times!

Go-Go Gorgeous Glutes

Contract your butt and hold for 20 seconds and release for 10. Repeat 10 times! Get your butt in shape while you sit on it!

Sedan Spine Rotations

Twist from side to side, engaging your abs.

Alternator Ankles

Stuck in dead-stop traffic, waiting for a train? Put your car in park and rotate your ankle in a circle to the left 20 times, 20 to the right, and repeat with the other foot! Keep your ankles strong and flexible, especially for those long rides!

Back-Up Breathing Exercises

Release negativity in a deep breath and breathe in positivity!

Wheel Wrist Rotations

Do 20 circles of each wrist and repeat. We use our wrists and hands daily; take care of them!

Supercharger Sexy Legs While You Wait

Make sure your car is in park, and do 30 leg lifts with each leg while sitting down. Even better if your car door is open and you're facing outward for a wider range of motion!


Keep flexibility in your hands! Open and stretch a hand and count to 5, then release. Repeat 5 times and switch to the other hand.

Transmission Tension Relief

Stretch your neck to one side and hold for 20 seconds, then slowly swing your head forward and repeat on the other side. When not driving, repeat the exercise but lean your head back and forward 20 seconds each to stretch out more muscles.

Traffic can be a great thing with a positive attitude and a little effort! Your time in traffic can have you feeling great! There really is no such thing as not enough time to exercise, Its just taking the time to be creative!