Every childhood should be filled with wholesome fun and learning. Help your children develop good habits, stay healthy, learn, and live together as a happy and healthy family! Our shop has professionally developed systems that help children understand value, earning and responsibility!

Kids and Parenting Articles by Lifestyle Rezolutions

Danger: Information Overload

Learn about the damaging effects of technology on today's youth and you, and read what you can be doing to stop overexposure and reconnect your family!

Get the Kids Helping!

Excellent tips for parents wanting some help around the house! Find some super strategies you can use with your family to promote a happy, productive environment.

Healthy Family Fun

Find out how to encourage the whole family to get active! Support their healthy lifestyles while also living a great one yourself!

Happiness Matters

It takes far too much energy to be angry! Choose to be happy and spend more time laughing!

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Motivate Your Teens

Are your teenagers getting lazy? Get them on board with responsibilities without causing stress at home with constructive discipline and respect!

A Poem About Smiling

Smile wide! A poem about enjoying life and all it has to offer & spreading love to all around you.

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EZ•DO Kids Chores

Fun and easy visual communication for kids and their daily responsibilities!

Childhood Obesity vs. Smoking

Wondering how bad childhood obesity is?

Embrace Patience

Life can feel full of neverending challenges. Just remember that those challenges can shape us for amazing futures!

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Encourage Healthy Lifestyles

For Your Kids: How you can make eating well & exercising fun!

Point n' Pics: For Kids

Keep kids motivated doing daily chores! A great way to add a little fun for the things that need to get done!

EZ•DO Token Rewards

Teach kids value and responsibility by rewarding good behavior!

Live a Joyous Life!

Take a moment to realize how toxic stress and anger is to your health! Your health matters, so choose to be ...

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