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How to Motivate Your Kids to Help Around the House

Getting your children to be proactive with their responsibilities at various ages is a challenge many parents face. Every child responds differently to different treatments, so try some of our professionals' greatest tips!

Responsibly Reward Good Behavior

Setting rewards to encourage your children to take responsibility can be a great motivator! Remember that some of the best rewards are being able to spend time with each other, so avoid starting your reward board with dollars and toys! Take some time to be creative, there are many great options to reward your child without money! Ensure that your child knows clearly what is expected of them, and always be sure to fulfill your offered rewards in a timely fashion. You will keep your children motivated and help them maintain a positive attitude when completing their chores!

Avoid Perfectionism

Kids are learning machines when encouraged! Avoid negative criticism as it can cause children to feel inadequate to their idols (that's you!). Look at the good in your child's actions and let go of perfectionism! The goal is to keep your child doing their chores all while developing positive self confidence.

Make Cooking Fun!

Make meal time fun and encouraging for your children! Give them safe kitchen responsibilities and monitor their progress. Not only will they be helping, they'll also be learning skills that will benefit them as they grow up and learn to cook! At the dinner table, be sure to remind everybody around the table how the kids helped.

Praise, Praise, Praise!

Point out the good when your child does something positive. This will motivate your child to want to keep you happy and want to do more. Positive words really do go a long way, and help in building your child's self-confidence!

Make Chores Engaging

Try timing the chores on an audible timer and make it a race with everybody! A little competition can result in a lot of fun as it keeps everybody together as a team rather than disappearing as the evening goes on. Reward the winner of the chore race with a little extra play time or something similar! Everyone can really have fun getting things done!

Never Punish with Chores

You want your children to learn responsibility and not dislike chores or working. Avoid using chores to punish and try using alternatives like taking privileges or favorite items away for a set amount of time instead! Punishing with chores will only create an association of chores being disliked.

The goal is to have children stay encouraged to listen, and stay motivated to their chores! Remember chores are for a lifetime, so it is very important to have your child not resent chores growing up, to avoid any results of your child growing up into a messy adult!

Switch It Up!

Maintain variety in to-dos for the kids to ensure everybody is still having a bit of fun! and not dreading doing the same chores each day!

Try Lifestyle Rezolutions EZ•DO Kids Point n' Pics! It's a great way to add a little variety and keep kids engaged with some fun in randomly selecting their next chore!

Musical Chores

When the music stops, the chore should be complete! This helps increase speed, fun, and it gets things done! Keep in mind that children will frequently forget responsibilities when rushed, so make sure to check their task and go through it with them with a positive attitude.

The Hidden Treasures

Get everyone motivated with random hidden treasures nobody knows about in places that involve upcoming chores! For example, place $5.00 under an item to be dusted, or taped to a bottle of cleaner for a specific chore. Get a few small jewelry boxes that are eye-catching and place them around with small rewards contained inside! Who knows what might be under the pile of laundry yet to be done?

Turn Chore Time Into Family Time

Set an amount of time to do chores together, so you can turn on the music and have fun! It can lead to many educational experiences and a lot of more enjoyable family time.

Make Chores Understandable

Ensure that you break chores down into doable steps and make chores age-appropriate. As your children get older and take on more responsibilities, ensure you educate them on their task and oversee it the next few times until you are sure they can do well. Remember that you should only intervene if they are missing steps or getting too frustrated so that your child can build confidence in themselves too.

Set Out Reasonable Consequences

Lastly, the consequences for not completing chores should be understood by your child as simply as possible. Explain the consequences before anything happens, and never yell or argue about the terms. It is important to enforce your consequences in a timely fashion and not turn back or your child will quickly learn how to avoid being punished instead of stopping what caused the consequence to begin with.

Chore Day: Not Every Day

Allow your kids to be kids! They should have off-days; we all know we have chores and errands every day as adults, so let them be a child for the short time they have!

Our closing for this LRC article offers some great words you can use to add motivation and encouragement while you talk to your children!

  • "I knew you could do it!"
  • "Fantastic job!", "Best job yet!"
  • "Great thinking!", "You're a star!"
  • "I appreciate all your hard work!"
  • "I am so very proud of you!"
  • "Way to go!"
  • "Keep up the good work!"
  • "Awesome!", "Incredible!", "Excellent!", "Good work!"
  • "Wow, you learn so fast!"
  • "You are getting really good at [task]!"

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