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10 Fun Ways to Get Active with Your Kids!

Encouraging your children to take part in being active as a family can lead to amazing benefits for the whole family! We are in a generation faced with less and less physical activity and increased risks of childhood obesity paired with an overwhelming increase of health risks.

Start getting active and having fun together to reduce health risks and build a happier, healthier family!

Some Benefits of Getting Active Together!

Reduce the risk of many types of cancers and so much more! This is just a list of a few of the benefits that exercise has for you and your family!

10 Fun Activities for the Whole Family!

It's time to get back to the basics and swap electronics for exercise.

Act like a child with your kids and head over to a local park to play!

Go back to the basics and play Hopscotch, Chinese Skip, or Kick the Can in the back yard! Frisbee or just play catch with a ball!

Go for a bike ride together and explore some new trails or neighbourhoods!

Head over to the beach and do some kite flying or simply running around in the sand!

Go to a local pool, water slide or water park and have a great time splashing around! Teach your kids how to swim!

Try ice skating together! If you have never ice skated before this might be a great excuse to try something new together and have some fun!

Try a hoola hoop family challenge and see how well you do getting those hips moving! Great with some other outdoor exercises, and maybe a barbecue dinner!

Try scheduling family game nights and have a blast together!

Try everything from active video games like the Nintendo Wii©, Dance Revolution© or fun games like Twister© and so on! anything that requires everyone to get up and move around!

Try learning something new as a family like a new sport or class at a local community center or check out your local paper for local recreation centres!

Rollerblading, Karate classes, Kickboxing, Hiking, Volleyball, Family Baseball teams, Bowling, Snowshoeing, Skiing, Zumba, Dance classes or what ever interests the whole family in getting active!

Get the whole family involved and run for a cause!

You not only improve your whole family's health, but you can actually teach your children the value of participating in an event for such a great purpose! Everybody wins!

The health of any family member is important to everybody. It is so very important to spend quality time together as a family, so why not spend time together and get healthy! Be the leader and positive role model in your family to make healthy changes everyone will enjoy and appreciate for a lifetime!

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