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How to Encourage Your Children to Be Healthy

Here are some great tips to help you take some steps to encourage your children to become more healthy and active!

Try using an 80/20 rule in your home

Eat healthy meals at least 80% of the time and have some treats no more than 20% of the time. Focus on getting your kids more active at least 80% of the time and stay idle no more than 20% of the time, instead of the other way around!

Reduce allowed TV time each day!

It's important to encourage an alternative when first approaching this solution. Make sure you interest your child in something different!

Teach what you know best!

Go back to some basics when you were a child and encourage your child with activities like bike riding, building a fort inside or out, playing with the family dog, or other fun stuff that don't need electronics!

Reduce allowed amounts of computer time each day!

No matter how big the internet is, there's no reason to stay online for hours on end! This is a great time to replace computer time with active play time! You can encourage your children to be active and have some fun outdoors on bikes or playing catch!

If it is a rainy day and your children are wanting to play indoors, you can encourage using games that require physical activity like dance, or other fun indoor games with foam balls, hide n' seek, twister, foosball, or Wii© games that require kids to be standing up and being active!

Explore your child's interests

Sit and talk with your child about some activities he or she may enjoy and look into enrolling your child into classes like dance, swimming, soccer, or whatever they may find interesting. This is a really great way to get your child wanting to get active and have positive childhood memories instead of sitting in front of a computer all day long.

A childhood should form memories full of fun times being active in sports and activities!

Make healthy meals that your family will enjoy!

If your child hates broccoli don't force your child to eat broccoli. If your child loves cauliflower and peas then find healthy recipes you can make and use these ingredients. Healthy meals and being active really needs to be what your children will like in order for you to establish a healthy lifestyles that will last a lifetime. No child will stay motivated to do anything they dislike! Make sure you make food and activity choices desirable for your children to stay on board with a healthy lifestyle!

If you're thinking that your child doesn't like anything healthy at all, consider trying some new seasonings! A child's taste palette isn't as developed as an adult one, so adding herbs and spices may do the trick! It's a great time to discover more for yourself and the family, and get everyone on board with newly discovered healthy favorites!

Be creative and make sweet treats healthy!

Every child likes to have something sweet (and there is nothing wrong with having some sweets), but you can give your child the gift of enjoying healthy sweet treats instead! For example, take an ice cream cone and fill with yogurt and top it with granola and a few chocolate chippettes or some favorite sprinkles!

Or, for something different, slice up some bananas and place them on a cookie sheet. Flash freeze them, then cover each with a little peanut butter, roll in puffed rice cereal and top them off with a little chocolate drizzle. You can even keep it real simple with some sliced bananas, chocolate drizzle and a few sprinkles and voilà, a healthy, guilt-free kiddie treat! Eating healthy can be so easy that you won't miss a thing!

Pack lunches that are healthy, fun and tasty!

Try avoiding prepackaged high calorie foods. (Check out some of our easy snack ideas!) Encourage your child to eat the healthier foods by using colourful veggies, or preparing their sandwich just the way they like it! That extra ten seconds to cut off the crust of a sandwich is better than your child giving away lunches or searching for sugary foods or chips.

Ditch all the prepackaged junk foods in your home

If it's not in the cupboards, then it's not available for your child to make unhealthy choices. This works best with the 80/20 rule we mentioned before. It's a simple rule that can result in 80% improved health for your children instead of the other way around!

Get creative in the home kitchen!

Picking up a healthy cookbook that has a lot of pictures and a large variety of recipe choices can be really great for your children to play a part in choosing and trying new healthy recipes. This is a great way to see what appeals to your child and create new healthy family favorites each week! Before you know it, you will find yourself making healthy meals without any effort! Achieve a healthy way of living that the whole family will enjoy!

There's always more ways that you can encourage your children to be healthy! Your kids will definitely thank you for helping them live healthier, and the rest of the family can benefit too!

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