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10 Benefits of Water

How many glasses have you had today? Do yourself a favour and pour yourself a big glass while you read this article.

#1. Appetite Suppressant!

Try turning your water into a refreshing tasty treat by adding some nutritious, mouth-watering fruit to your water instead of skimming those cupboards for unnecessary added empty calories! Water is a great appetite suppressant and can really help reduce those in-between meal urges to eat. Try it for yourself!

#2. Helps with Weight Loss

Water is essential for healthy weight loss - it will keep you hydrated and keep your joints lubricated to keep you moving with ease. Be on your way to losing weight and feeling great!

#3. Transports Nutrients to Nourish Organs

Nothing else can transport nutrients around your body like water! Make sure to drink enough water each and every day, along with eating well-balanced nutritious meals

#4. Reduces Risk of Infection & Disease

Choose to love yourself and drink up! Water is a great way to wash away those unwanted excess toxins in our bodies! Remember, we only have one body for our entire lifetime. Help your body keep things moving to eliminate waste and excess toxins with ease. Drink up what nature intended, and get at least 8 glasses a day! Your health and well-being will really thank you for it!

#5. Improves Metabolism

Water washes down food, but did you know that it also helps your body digest food properly and improves your metabolic rate? Another great reason to drink up!

#6. Helps to Lubricate Your Joints!

Your body will have a hard time moving without water! Even for stretching, it's crucial!

#7.Fountain of Youth

Hydrated skin is youthful skin! Achieve beautiful skin, hair and nails by simply drinking up. Anti-aging in a glass!

#8. Regulates Body Temperature

If you're ever feeling too hot or cold, consider drinking more water to help you regulate your body's temperature!

#9. Brain Booster

Fatigue, mental fog or difficulty concentrating can be a common result of dehydration. Our body is made up of mostly water, so It very important to drink enough water throughout the day to maintain a clear mind and feel more alert!

#10. Washes Away Headaches!

Prevent headaches before they happen! Making sure you drink enough water each day is a great way to avoid headaches and get the bonus of improving clarity and brain function! Keep your head healthy and drink water regularly throughout each and everyday!

There are so many advantages to drinking water, so what's your excuse not to? Choose to drink up and gain the endless benefits of improved health and well-being for you and your family!

Like this article? Share it and spread healthy lifestyles to your friends and family!

Like this article? Share it and spread healthy lifestyles to your friends and family!