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Easy Lean Lunch Ideas

Tired of wondering what to make for lunch? What's better than a newfound favourite food that is quick and easy to make at home or for on the go! Try out some new ideas and discover some great new lunchtime favourites!


Try a great-tasting skinny wrapwich! Simply add your favorite fillings like chicken or tuna salad in nori (seaweed mat for sushi) or a big leaf of lettuce wrapped up! If you use nori, you can even wrap it up in the shape of a cone and eat mess-free! A great low carb solution for a fun and easy lunch!

Cucumber Subs

Cucumber carb-saving sub are a great way to skip those unnecessary added calories! Simply cut a cucumber in half lengthwise and fill it up with your favourite salad stuff (tuna, egg, or chicken salad)! Simply scoop out the cucumber seeds with a spoon or a melon scooper, once cut go ahead and fill up with your favorite ingredients and top with some tomatoes, onions or a favorite topping of your choice! Variations on this fun sub: You can leave the peel on or off, it's up to you.

Pita Pockets

An amazing guilt-free healthy lunch on the go! Pitas are great way to pack in your favorite ingredients without all the mess! Fill up any pita pocket with some great tasting quinoa, spinach leaves, cranberry / raisins, chicken breast pieces, and top off with some mouth-watering feta cheese!

Salad-Stuffed Fresh Peppers

Skip some carbs and hollow out a tasty fresh red or yellow sweet bell pepper! Simply cut the top off and clean out, so its ready to fill up with your favourite salad filling! Try some ingredient suggestions from above, or try adding some other ingredients you really love! It's a great portion control strategy, and fantastic way to skip those unwanted extra calories and not miss a thing!

Pita Pizzas

Enjoy perfect-portion, guilt-free pizza you can make in a snap! Using pita, you can have pizza made mouth-watering and healthy with your favorite lean ingredients! Save calories and load up with lots of veggies, lean meat and sprinkle a little feta or low fat cheese and you have an amazing tasty healthy pizza treat!

Mason Jar Salad

A Lifestyle Rezolutions favourite for planning ahead and having fun with it! Place your favourite vinegrette or lean dressing at the bottom of a mason jar. Add your salad mixings in layers (cubed chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, chopped peppers, cucumber). Leave a good amount of space space for the last layer of lettuce and close it up. Make plenty ahead of time, close up the jars, and store in your fridge for the week ahead. Simply turn the jar over onto a dinner plate or bowl and enjoy!

Rice Paper Lunches

Rice paper is a great light & tasty healthy treat for lunches and easily found in most supermarkets (check the Asian culture sections)! Gather up some of your favorite ingredients, like lettuce, lunch meat, sliced veggies or whatever else you may enjoy! Simply roll up into pre-soaked rice paper followed by wrapping up in some plastic wrap. This way you can make a few rolls ahead of time and keep them in your fridge, ready to go! Avoid using dressings in these wraps as it may cause them to fall apart.

Every lunch should be something you look forward to, especially when it's something you're bringing to a busy work day! Making your own lunches allows you to be in control of eating healthy with added bonuses of saving dollars and unwanted calories! You most likely will find yourself motivating others to do the same when they see you coming with some great new lunch ideas!

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