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8 Ways to Get Motivated to Eat Right

Is making healthy choices a challenge? Do you fight against your diet, or feel guilty a little too often? These little tips are something you can take away and easily remember to make better choices.

1. Don't Diet!

Don't eat foods you dislike just because they're all healthy. Explore your options and learn what you like best and adapt to it! You aren't doing yourself any favours by struggling to finish a plate, no matter how healthy the foods are. Eating foods you dislike will only cause you to constantly be thinking of foods you love. Take the time to find new healthy favorites or revise your current favorites to be made healthy. Ditch the diets and enjoy healthy foods that will keep you shapely and healthy for a lifetime!

2. Find New Ways to Cook

For the favourites you already have, learn to cook them in a more healthy way! For example; grilling, steaming, boiling and broiling; try these and more. You don't have to give up your favourite foods to be healthy! Revise your recipes still enjoy the great taste and reduce your waste!

3. Take Initiative for New Foods

Even if you're a picky eater, try new healthy recipes that you find interesting with mouth-watering ingredients that appeal to you! Try something new at least once a week, you will amaze yourself how great healthy foods really can taste!

4. Cruise Past Fast Food

It's something you've faced before: Fast food = fast fat. Hunger can drive you to eat food you won't appreciate moments after, so try to keep an after-meal mindset being mindful of your choices before you hit the next drive through! Try taking control and eat every 2 to 3 hours to avoid those fast food binges from being over hungry!

5. Improve One Day at a Time

There's always a beginning, middle and an end of a structured goal, but it's easiest to focus on the result. Remember that every day is just as important as the first, and progresses you to the last. Focus on one day at a time making your steps realistic. By taking steps each day that are realistic will result in changes and new that habits that last can last lifetime! Most importantly remember temporary changes only give you temporary results, so choose to love yourself and make changes that last! Check out Lifestyle Rezolutions' Fitness & Weight Loss products that help you improve one day at a time!

6. Keep it Simple!

The foods you're making don't need to be difficult to prepare, especially if it's making you avoid eating healthy. A simple inspiration to eat right is to add colour to all your meals! Reduce white starches and sweets, and increase vegetables!

7. Drink Water

You've heard it a hundred times, and there's good reason behind it! [Article: 10 Benefits of Water] Water helps you feel more energized and healthy! Reap the rewards of all the positive benefits and drink up to improve your health! Need a little help keeping track? Try Lifestyle Rezolutions' Water Watcher!

8. Make Your Own Meals

Stay in control of what you eat and when. You can easily reduce a lot of fat and extra calories simply by preparing your own foods. Many processed / restaurant options pack in extra fat and calories that are just unnecessary!

Cut calories with simple changes:

Eating right doesn't have to be complicated. It can become a journey of small changes each day or each meal that really add up to a healthier weight and lifestyle!

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