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How To: Easily Control Your Portions

Making small healthy changes without having to count points, calories or weighing your foods can result in long term motivation towards eating proper portions, which can lead to your long term success! Take a moment to take a look at some small changes you can for make and achieve results that last!

#1. Don't Ban Your Joys

First and foremost: no food should be forbidden food! Your focus should be on portions, preparation and frequency when choosing high fat / high calorie foods. For example, a tasty hamburger can be made smaller, prepared using extra lean beef and cooked on a grill that allows any excess fat to drip away! You can load up your burger with loads of fresh mouthwatering veggies and low calorie toppings!

Still want some fries? No problem! Cut up a fresh potato or yam into fries and bake on a cookie sheet in the oven. Eating healthy really does not mean you have to miss out on any favourites. The only things you will be missing is that unhealthy fat and those unnecessary calories!

#2. Snack on the Go

Overeating stems from not eating! It's a great idea to have small portions bagged up and ready to bring along for when you are on the go! This simple solution will ensure you maintain stable blood sugars and proper energy levels to help you throughout the day!

#3. Eat Small, Frequently

Avoid binging by keeping your car, purse, desk or bag stocked up with healthy snacks (fruit, nuts, dried fruits, protein bars, portioned snacks). To keep snacks fresh we recommend preparing something tasty and new each week, to avoid any snacks possibly becoming stale from not being uneaten!

#4. Energize Your Day!

Breakfast and lunch are both great times to eat more because your metabolism is most active!

Starting your day with breakfast and eating regular small portions throughout the day will result in increased energy! Try making lighter choices for dinner with smaller portions. Follow with a light snack if needed, but wait a little while!

It is a great idea to also take a nice walk after dinner to help your body digests everything properly before going to sleep, and avoid your body from storing any unwanted calories! As a bonus you will also sleep better and wake up feeling much more refreshed!

#5. Adapt Your Brain

Trick yourself into waiting until your next planned meal or healthy portioned snack with a simple tip: try having a full glass of water, followed by flossing and brushing your teeth! This trick keeps your breath fresh and your dentist happy, all while discouraging you from those excess snacks and unnecessary calories!

#6. See Your Portions

Try using smaller plates when serving yourself!

Using smaller plates can make a huge difference in adjusting to eat proper portions!

#7. Avoid Idle Eating

Watching TV or using the computer while eating prevents you from being mindful of your portions. This can lead to consuming large amounts of food without even realizing how much you are actually eating! It's a good idea to avoid eating during these times. If you feel it is necessary to eat in front of the TV or computer, try making a new rule of using pre-portioned snacks or meals to avoid unconscious eating!

#8. Freeze and Thaw Portions

Are large portions of food becoming too much to thaw out? Try freezing your food in single portions. Freezing in smaller portions can be very helpful with meal planning and is a great way to pull out exactly how much you need for a meal, whether it's for one individual or your entire family!

#9. Have a Real Knuckle Sandwich

Did you know that the size of your stomach is the size of your fist? How many fistfuls of food are you putting on your plate? Pay attention to the size of your plate and your portions! Don't let your eyes and hunger decide! Be sure to use your fist to help you size up proper portions.

#10. If You Really Need It

A great tip to fulfill that next sweet craving! Try having a fun fruit skewer with a little chocolate drizzle! You can have some nutritious sweetness from healthy fruit with that little extra fun from chocolate!

Our last tip is one that you can always use, no matter where you are! If you really need your sugar fix, try to stick to the one or two bite rule with something sweet! Aim for a small cookie or a quarter of a piece of dessert. Spend more time cherishing the portion; it's not meant to fill you up!

Remember, you are working towards a healthier and more shapely you! Make small changes by taking one step at a time for positive changes that will last a lifetime!

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