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Take the Potato Challenge!

Finding motivation to lose weight can be very difficult and frustrating!

A great way to start feeling motivated to lose weight is by taking a challenge that will give a true sense of what your body is going through each day carrying around those excess pounds. Our potato challenge will give you a sense of reality and the damaging effects of carrying around excess weight, along with creating new found motivation to lose!

Start by taking these steps listed here, and be on your way to a healthier you!

Step 1: Weigh Yourself

When starting any new routine, always weigh yourself so you can gauge your success every week! Remember it is important to always consult your physician before starting any new health or fitness program!

Step 2: Write Down Your Current Weight and Desired Weight

Always keep your goals in sight! Journaling is a crucial step to keep yourself accountable and see your progress along the way, to your weight loss success! It's a great idea to also take this time to note your body measurements. Check out some of Lifestyle Rezolutions' best weight loss tools, Pound Count, or Tiny Tummies!

Step 3: Do the Math

Subtract your desired weight from your current weight. This will give you the total amount of excess pounds (potatoes) that you are carrying around. You can use this total weight to try carrying around during the potato challenge!

Be sure to only carry a realistic amount of weight on your challenge, and always check with your physician before trying any type of physical activity, even a challenge at the grocery store.

Step 4: Shop for Groceries

Next time you go to the grocery store, challenge yourself and skip the shopping cart, and grab yourself a basket or two instead! Head over to the produce section and load up your basket with a 10 or 20 pound bag of potatoes or equivalent to the amount of pounds you would like to lose, and walk around the store.

Browse around for a while, or however long you can tolerate the excess potato weight and see how you feel. When you stop and put the weight down, pay close attention to how much lighter and relieving it is!

Step 5: Use Your New Knowledge to Motivate Yourself and Realize Your Potential

For the rest of the day, remember and pay attention to how you felt carrying those extra pounds of potatoes, and how you felt when you put them down.

Now you can really see what your excess weight is doing to you and your body each and every day! Your body has to work so hard just to keep up with excess weight from an unhealthy lifestyle, resulting in stress, pain, fatigue and overall poor health!

Imagine how good you can start to feel when you lose those excess unwanted pounds!

Visualize losing a potato or two every week. You'll be well on your way to a much healthier and happier you! Make sure you always find something that weighs how much you've lost to see just how much you've taken off your body!

Stop limiting yourself of good health, energy, and happiness and choose to love yourself enough to choose to lose that excess weight! Start with making small changes that can lead to really big results! Take a look at our Fitness & Weight Loss Section in our shop for great tools to help you lose those potato pounds!

Shopping in the future while carrying baskets can forever be a reminder of your potato challenge and the consequences of unhealthy weight!

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