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Potato Weight Comparison

Are you sick and tired of being overweight, but just cannot seem to get started?

Is it hard to start eating healthy and reduce your portions?
Here are a few things to think about to make it a little easier in getting started!

Potatoes, Grocery Bags, and You!

Have you ever lugged a 10 or 20 pound bag of groceries or potatoes into the house coming back from shopping?

Think for a moment how it felt getting into the house with two heavy bags of groceries in your hands and you just can't get into the kitchen quick enough to put them down!

Were you out of breath? Did your arms hurt? Were you fatigued, just bringing in a few bags of groceries?

That's the same as carrying extra body weight!

The only difference between excess weight and potato or grocery bags is that you can put down the bags to relieve yourself of aches and pains! The only way to relieve yourself of your weight is plunking down on the sofa, which can simply lead to more weight gain.

Extra body weight is carried around 24/7. Can you imagine how many bags of potatoes you're carrying around all day long and the negative effects it is causing on your body?

Some Obesity Side-Effects to Consider

Take the Potato Challenge!

Here is a great way to connect with the reality of how excess weight can be affecting you each and everyday! Try taking the potato challenge on your next grocery day and find new motivation to start shedding some of those unwanted pounds! Need a little help? Try Lifestyle Rezolutions' Pound Count for a fun way to lose weight! Be on your way to a healthier and more shapely you!

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