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How to Socialize Without Food

Consider how much you spend on socializing every week. Is a lot of it on food? Learn how to reduce your spending on food, and switch it up by trying some great new activities instead!

#1. Visit the Beach!

De-stress and take in some energizing fresh air with friends! The beach is a great place to have loads of fun playing games, swimming, frisbee, kite flying, running around or simply going for a refreshing walk together and enjoy the beautiful outdoors!

#2. Rollerblading

Get in great shape with friends! Rollerblading is a great way to reduce stress, get in shape, and socialize all while having fun!

#3. Learn Something New

Trying something new is not only a great way to have fun with old friends, it's also a fantastic way to meet some new friends! Ask a friend to try a new activity with you, or you can even try something on your own, like dancing, indoor rock climbing, pottery, zumba, scuba diving, music, or any other class of interest you can find. You never know what you could be missing, until you try!

#4. Horseback Riding

A wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors and have some amazing fun! Whether you want to learn how to horseback ride in some local trails, or simply get out and have loads of fun with friends, horseback riding is a wonderful way to unwind and re-energize yourself! Swap out some of those social eating funds, and look forward to creating fun memories exploring scenic trails by horseback!

#5. Snowshoeing

Having winter blues? Need to get out during those winter months? Check out your local mountains or areas with snow and make a fun day of snowshoeing with a few friends! A great way to have fun and burn some crazy amounts of calories! Outdoor activities like snowshoeing are a fantastic way to get everyone creating some fun new memories all while feeling refreshed and re-energized!

#6. Go Sledding!

Another fun one for winter! Sledding isn't just for kids, and it's even more fun when you make a trip out to a great hill that nobody knows about!

#7. Visiting Vineyards

You may be surprised at how many local vineyards you have nearby! Visiting vineyards by tour bus can be both educational and memorable fun for everyone! A wonderful way to unwind, relieve some stress and enjoy a great local adventure!

#8. Check Out the Local Attractions

There's always something in your community just around the corner! Take a peek online or in community papers. Check out upcoming events like concerts, local comedy shows, plays, festivals, parades, seasonal outdoor fun like go-kart racing, mini golf and more! You can look forward to planning a fun-filled day out for both you and your friends!

#9. Explore the Arts

Don't wait until you have company from out of town to visit local highlights! Museums, art galleries, and theatres, these are all great places to find some enjoyable outings for you and your friends! You'd be surprised how many fun and interesting things everybody has real close to home!

#10. Nature Trails

Get out and explore the great outdoors! Everything from fun with friends camping, hiking new mountain trails, or finding some great new scenic adventures in your local community parks and trails! It's all waiting for you!

#11. Zipping Fun

Want to have a blast with your friends and release some stress? Check out some local ziplines and make it a day trip, for an amazing fun filled new adventure! Don't forget to bring along your camera!

#12. Water Wonders

Water activities can be loads of fun! You would be amazed at how many activities can be done in the water! Try out some new water fun like Canoeing, Kayaking, River Rafting, Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Fishing, Tubing, Jet-Skiing and more. You may even want to consider joining up in a local dragon boat racing team with your friends! Water really can be a great way to explore having some amazing fun!

Feeling the desire to get going? Call or text a friend or two about doing something new and exciting! Arrange a date that works for you and your friends and keep your eyes open for adventure! It is a great idea to have a notebook so you may jot down some creative new fun ideas.

Lifestyle Rezolutions has just the thing for a new group looking for fun, Fit Friends! Plan out dates for new activities or exercise and start something fantastic and fun. Keep you and your friends inspired to continue to try new fun activities and outings without socializing around food!

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