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Why It's a Great Idea to Preplan Your Meals

The benefits of preplanning what you eat aren't immediately obvious, yet they're one of the best ways to start a healthier lifestyle! Find out why it's best to have a plan.

Eliminates last-minute frustrations of what to make!

It's a universal truth that everybody has scrambled around once or twice to figure out what to make for dinner. Take your time to think or look up something new beforehand! Try taking turns with the whole family to choose new healthy recipes for newfound favorites everyone will enjoy!

Helps you divide up your time better

By pre-planning your meals, you will be able to be prepared to pick up necessary ingredients ahead of time! Pre-chop up the vegetables you'll be needing, or simply pull something out of the freezer! You can easily delegate to save a lot more time by asking your kids or other family members to get things started in the day ahead of time and ready for dinner!

Reduces stress and saves time!

Why worry about food? Your meals should be enjoyable through and through. It can take as little as 30 minutes to plan a week's worth of meals, which can save you a lot of unnecessary frustrations! Take a little time to plan your meals now to save a lot of time and effort later!

Reduces making bad choices due to hunger or no plans

Many times in a busy day, it's easy to think running out to quickly to grab food is best, but is it really? The amount of time it takes to pick up take out food and return is usually more than enough time to prepare a meal or warm up a pre-planned meal you already have around! Choose to stay healthy and save cash by pre-planning your meals and eating at home!

Tip: Try a crockpot / slow-cooker

Save yourself tons of time with a crockpot dinner! Come home to a dinner simply waiting to be served. Many slow-cooker recipes are super easy to prepare and taste great. Use the opportunity to make a little extra for tomorrow's lunches or freeze extra portions for future ready made dinners!

Arrange Your Family Team!

Knowing exactly what to make allows you to get the whole family on board with both sharing responsibilities and helping out to get dinner together more quickly! The goal is to save time and money eating healthy at home! Preparing meals should be everyone's responsibility to share and prepare. You will provide your children with a bonus of cooking skills to take with them into their adult years. They may not appreciate it now, but they sure will later! As a result of everyone's help, there will be more quality time to spend together!

Saves money from not eating out

Eating out can really start to add up in both unwanted calories and dollars! Eating at a restaurant or fast-food joint is often a lazy way out of cooking! Save that extra $5-10 dollars per person and do something really fun and active instead!

The best reasons for meal planning are that you save money, time, and you know exactly what you're eating! Our health & energy are a result of what we choose to eat, so try to take some time thinking about how you'll fuel the bodies of you and your loved ones! Remember fast food can result in becoming fat, real fast. Is that really what you want for your family? Of course not! So give it a try getting on board with healthy meal planning, and see just how much you and your family all can benefit!

As a bonus and a little added motivation, bank those saved fast food dollars towards a goal of a pre-planned family vacation instead!

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