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10 Ways to Build Confidence!

Confidence is something most of us can always improve on! Always remember absolutely no one in this world is perfect. Even the people who seem the most confident face feelings of insecurities and self-doubt! There are many missed opportunities we shy away from due to the lack of confidence. Improving self confidence can make you feel unstoppable and help you achieve a life full of amazing opportunities. Take a moment to inspire yourself to become your very best!

#1. Smile Often!

Smiling is a lot easier than being angry! The more you smile, the better you will feel. You will naturally cause others to smile and feel more positive being around you! Smiles are contagious, be sure to pass them around!

#2. Stand Tall & Walk with Energy!

Walking tall and adding a little spring in your step will give you an automatic sense of feeling more confident and positive! In addition to walking nice and tall, try acting the part of being really confident, until you really feel it and believe it! You just might surprise yourself with a simple newfound acting habit that can become real and create lasting confidence!

#3. Dress Your Best and Take Pride in Your Appearance Every Day!

Dressing your best each and every day is just as important as brushing your teeth! People are not be as likely to want to talk to you if you have really bad breath. This can be a very similar response when a person lacks confidence, dresses poorly and is ungroomed!

Alternatively, when you look and feel your best, your confidence skyrockets and people naturally feel your positive energy and are drawn to this! Take some time to layout clothing that makes you feel good about yourself the night before, and try waking up 20 minutes earlier to take a little extra time to well dress and feel your very best!

#4. Think Positive About Everything!

Even if you feel differently about a situation, always embrace the positives! Having positive thoughts create positive actions that lead to positive results! Be sure to always surround yourself with positivity to reduce stress, increase confidence, and lead a healthy well-balanced life!

#5. Kick the Self-Pity, See Your Dream!

Don't let anything stand between you and your success! Remember there is always a way to achieve your dreams, you have not come this far in life without overcoming many challenges. Be sure to maintain a positive attitude and stay focused on your dreams and always remember anything is possible!

#6. Face Your Fears!

Confidence can be built from determination! Even when we were little kids, everybody had to overcome their fears, and keep trying in order to succeed! Learning to talk, walk, tie shoes, write, or even riding a bike! No-one has ever learned anything without starting from the beginning, falling down, then getting back up again and again until they succeed!

Stay focused on your dreams and keep at it, choose to never give up and amazing confidence and success will be yours!

#7. Exercise to Excel

Exercise, exercise, exercise! This is the number one way to make your self confidence skyrocket! Working out is a great way to improve your overall sense of well-being. Be sure to include some time for fitness each and every day. You will achieve great benefits like a decrease in stress, increase in self confidence, boosted self esteem, improved health and look & feel great!

As a bonus you will also improve your posture and definitely add that confident spring into your step! What are you waiting for, start moving today towards a more confident healthy you!

#8. Never Take Negativity as an Answer

Staying away from negativity is a great way to help you stay positive and on track feeling confident! Your being successful is for you, and nobody else! Be sure to plug your ears the next time you are around those who are negative naysayers! Its a great idea to avoid negative people who drag you down, or really limit your time around them!

#9. Surround Yourself with Positive, Inspiring People!

Being around positive people is a great way to develop and maintain a positive attitude and lifestyle! Positive people naturally increase a sense of well-being and increase confidence in everyone around them! Like that old saying says, you are a product of the company you keep!

Choose to be confident and positive, and you will attract good people and things in your life!

#10. Stop Procrastinating!

Make procrastination a thing of the past! Procrastination only keeps everything pushed aside for later and creates a vicious circle of more and more to-dos, an increase in stress, decrease in confidence, lack of motivation, and feelings of depression and more. When we stop procrastinating and set perfectionism aside, we can finally start to get things done!

You will achieve great benefits like feeling motivated to do more, a sense of positive feelings and increase in self confidence from feeling good about all the things getting done. Be mindful of every time you are about to procrastinate and challenge yourself to get things done instead! You won't only get things done you will have a great sense of newfound self confidence to tackle much more than just your to do list!

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Choose to be your very best you can be! With these confidence builders, you can start feeling confident to do just about anything!

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