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10 Ways to Build Confidence!

There are many opportunities we shy away from because we feel inadequate and lack confidence within ourselves. Everyone wants to look and feel good about themselves! Inspire yourself with newfound confidence and start on a journey to become your best with these great tips!

#1. Kick the Fast Food to Look and Feel Better!

It can be very difficult to walk away from a fast food location feeling good about yourself! It is a good idea to avoid fast food altogether, and choose healthier options like preparing meals yourself or preplanning healthy options to eat when you're on the go! Fueling your body with good food will help you feel good about yourself and look great too!

#2. Exercise regularly!

Daily exercise is an amazing confidence booster! You can achieve many wonderful benefits with adding exercise into your daily routine, like improved health and well-being, improve your attitude and outlook on things, reduce stress and anxiety to better manage challenges, feel more positive and social, increase energy and much more!

#3. Fake It Till You Make It

We all have bad days and that's ok! Any day that you're not feeling your best, stand tall keep your shoulders in line with your hips and act confident. Even though you may not be feeling your best, maintaining good posture and acting confident can change how you feel and how others see you.

Fake it, believe it, and tell yourself you can take on anything! The next time you are in a slump, give it a try!

#4. Learn Something New!

Inactivity often leads to the brain giving off negative emotions, so try to educate yourself on something you would enjoy, or maybe something new you've never tried before! You will surprise yourself how much fun learning can be and even meet some new friends along the way. You can boost your confidence all while having fun!

#5. Remind Yourself of Good Things in Your Life

Every single day, remind yourself of how important you are in the world and all the great reasons of who you are. Remember you are unique, you are beautiful and should always be very proud of who you are! Choose to love yourself, see good in others, and stay focused on all the good things in your life! Being positive about yourself, others and your outlook on life will keep you confident and smiling!

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#6. Make Direct Eye Contact

Having trouble making direct eye contact during conversations? Start out looking at the tip of their nose when you are talking! Sound funny? It works, and no one will ever know you are doing this!

This exercise can help you to slowly build your confidence by looking at someone when you are speaking to them, in place of looking away. Speaking to people directly shows others that you are confident and will help others treat you more confidently in return!

#7. Avoid Perfectionism and Worrying About Mistakes

Confidence is built by doing! Perfectionism often results in frustration and nothing getting done by spending far too much time trying to make things perfect. Start building confidence and feeling great by getting things done without focusing on perfectionism.

By checking off those to-dos you will automatically build confidence and motivation to do more, and relieve yourself of trying to make everything so perfect! The more you get done, the more confident you will feel about yourself and your achievements.

#8. Volunteer to Help and Compliment Others

Doing good in your community is always a wonderful way to boost any mood, share some positivity and feel confident from helping others. This is a great way to socialize, make new friends and build up self esteem and new found confidence!

#9. Set Small Daily Goals

You can improve yourself each day with small goals that will lead to great achievement! Most of us expect to get too much done in a day, which can result in disappointment and an overwhelming list of to-dos. With a little planning and setting small digestible goals each day, you will create momentum and motivation to do more all while feeling more confident!

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#10. Think Youthful!

Age is just a number, choose to look, act, and feel youthful and find out how much confidence and opportunity is waiting for you! Try a new style or a mini-makeover and add some colour to brighten your day! So many of us wake up each day and don't take time in how we dress and groom ourselves, so it results in a poor confidence and causes a negative outlook on how we feel and how others see us.

Do you find yourself saying "I feel fat," "I feel unmotivated," "I'm tired and have no energy," "I feel ugly," and "I don't care about how I look"? The way we start our day is a reflection of how we feel! Choose to always dress and groom your best each and everyday, stand tall, think youthful, speak only positive, and you will amaze yourself with how great you can feel and change the outcome of your day!

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