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The Consequences of My Choices

Take some time looking at each photo here. It's a photo comparison of what decisions you can make. The consequences of each decision made every day can have a serious impact on your health, well-being and future! Choose to live your life being your best and not look back with regrets!

I Choose to Not Exercise

I Choose to Exercise!

I Choose to Procrastinate and Not Tidy Up

I Choose to Be Proactive and Clean Every Day!

I Choose to Make Continuous Excuses and Wait Another Year

I Choose to Overcome My Fears and Succeed Every Day!

I Choose to Keep Eating Unhealthy

I Choose to Make Healthy Food Choices!

Someday starts with today! Let procrastination be a thing of the past from this moment forward!

Remember, you are where you are because of your past choices. Be where you want to be with your new choices!

The choices you make = your life!

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