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Easy Ways to Kick Stress and Gain Control & Clarity

Stress is a problem that is commonly ignored by those experiencing it! Because we live in such a fast paced world of being so connected, stress has become common ground for almost everyone! Many of us choose to try and ignore stress, although it can be so very harmful to our overall health when left unchecked.

It's a good idea to start learning to identify what causes your stress, and find positive solutions, before it causes negative effects to your health and well-being! Take a moment to consider some simple tips to reduce your stress!

Take Some Me-Time

Schedule a block of time each day for yourself. Even if it's only 15 minutes a day, try it out! Close your eyes and relax, read a book, or go for a walk. Whatever it is, be sure to take a little me time each and everyday! It's important to unwind and refresh yourself throughout the day, the little time out you take to relax will allow you to gain more clarity and focus to be much more productive!

Stop Watching the News!

The news is 99% negativity and unnecessary added stress. Whatever happens around your community that affects you, you'll hear it anyway. Save yourself from worrying about things outside of your control. Swap your news hour for some time to relax or do something positive instead!

Work on yourself, not on what others think of you.

Stop worrying about impressions, especially when you feel like they result in negativity. What others think and expect of you is secondary to how you feel about yourself. The best impression you can make is one where you're yourself, and happy about it! Be who you really want to be!

Learn to Say No

It may seem obvious, but don't overload yourself for others! Everybody has their own life to live, and while helping others can be a great feeling, you need to make sure you are able to provide that help without causing additional stress for yourself!

Delegate to others to help out!

Decrease the stress that's bogging you down by asking for help! Some people fight themselves on saying the phrase, "could you lend a hand?" even if it means it helps everyone. Find more time to do things you enjoy, and even do them with those that helped you get there!

Preplan Each Day

Save yourself a big chunk of time by spending a few minutes planning out what you need to have done the next day! Reduce the stress of having too many things to do by having a clear and concise strategy every day. You'll appreciate how much more organized you'll be, too!

Exercise Regularly

Make sure you keep up with a little fitness each day. It'll boost your mood, decrease stress and kick-start your self-confidence! Nobody was made to sit inside all day, so why not take a break, get outside, take a walk for a little exercise and clarity all at the same time?

Eat Right to Feel Right!

Eating a balanced diet will help increase energy and give you a sense of well-being instead of worrying about your food intake. Like any car or machine, the human body and mind work best when fueled properly. Make the sort of choices that will help you succeed! Make food and fitness choices daily that will keep your mind and body fueled for success!

And the best daily boost to combat stress?

Speaking of fueling your success, make sure you stay positive! Boost your well-being by reminding yourself of at least 5 good things about yourself and your life! Be sure to repeat each day when you first get up in the morning and before you go to bed!

If you've ever been stressed out for way too long, you know what it's like to have your problems spiral down and get worse. These simple methods are choices you can make to feel better in everyday life; just find what works best for you and start reducing your stress and enjoy your life!

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