Your Lifestyle, Your Way

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Feel Good About What You Do

The Lifestyle Sales Team provides an opportunity for independence, extra earnings, and self-driven success.

You can choose how you want to sell Lifestyle Products, how often, and where. From first time independent sellers to small businesses, and even store retailers, we provide solutions to you that you sell on your own schedule for instant profit in your pocket!

Lead Yourself in the Industry

Enjoy the freedom to start earning for yourself! The Lifestyle Sales Team approach is simple and provides the flexibility to earn in your own way!

Our products come in such variety that you can easily customize your orders to best suit the needs of both yourself and your customers. Do you...

  • Love organizing at home, or helping your friends?
  • Enjoy healthy living and staying fit?
  • Appreciate positivity and love to inspire and help others?
  • Love spending time with children, or have some of your own?

If you said yes to any of these, or even work in a related industry, Lifestyle Rezolutions can get you started on your own business or help complement your existing profession!

Simple Steps to Success

Lifestyle Rezolutions wants you to enjoy your experience as an independent seller, so we've made sure to keep everything as simple as possible!

  1. Choose the Lifestyle Products you want to sell
  2. Fill out your order form and receive Lifestyle Pricing on your products
  3. Send in your order and payment
  4. Receive your package in the mail
  5. Sell for MSRP and start earning!

MSRP - Lifestyle Price = Your Profit

* Minimum order of $199 for first-time Lifestyle Sales Team members

* Minimum order quantity of 3 pieces per product

Lifestyle Price Information:

Visit our Lifestyle Price Page for more details on Lifestyle Pricing and how you can earn the most profit per sale!

Get Started Quickly and Easily!

Once you've received an order, the money you earn from making sales is yours to keep. You deserve to feel good about your work! Lifestyle Sales Team members are able to earn extra dollars without having to pay fees or manage accounts. We even provide free marketing materials to boost your sales!

Lifestyle Rezolutions is committed to helping you and your clients lead a happier and healthier lifestyle!

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