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How to Eliminate Clutter and Get Cleaned Up

Is it about time that you reclaim your precious space for some new stuff, or just some room to breathe?

#1. Make Sacrifices

This set of tips starts out with hard decisions to make your space yours! This is a great time to consider taking photos of your keepsakes and to donate any unused items for others to enjoy. It'll free up space to enjoy the things in your life now, and create a more relaxing uncluttered environment. You can now enjoy your time down memory lane with your cherished photos, all while relaxing in your clutter free home!

#2. Closet Cleanup

Go through your clothes closet and bag up what you don't wear. If it helps, turn your coat hanger hooks around for what you're not sure about. If you wear it, turn the hanger back, and if you don't, consider donating it if you are not wearing the clothing after a few months!

#3. Clean Sweeps

Go through every room and do a clean sweep for items you can easily donate!

#4. Precious Keepsakes

Gather all of your children's artwork keepsakes and create a coloured binder for each child. Place dividers to separate by year or topic and simply hole punch the artwork, or place them into a plastic sleeve! It's scrapbooking made quick and easy. A great way to keep all your childrens precious memories into one small organized space!

#5. Compress Your Storage

Try using space bags for large quilts, sleeping bags, and spare pillows! You'd be surprised what else can fit when compressed or tucked away, such as seasonal items and decor!

#6. Expired Items

Take some time to go through your makeup and medicine cabinets and discard any expired items! If it's a non-prescription product you stopped using that still has some life but don't want anymore, you may want to give it to somebody else who would be happy to use it up. Please remember when discarding any medication to discard safely by dropping off at your local pharmacy for safe recycling.

#7. Sort by Seasons

A perfect mention from the previous point, seasonal items aren't out all year, so why should seasonal clothing be? Use clear labelled totes and keep your seasonal clothing folded and stored, free of dust! Whatever doesn't fit or doesn't work with your style, donate it! It frees up a lot of space and allows you to focus on what you wear during each season.

#8. Clean & Store

Build up organization momentum by cleaning items and putting them away all at once! You'd be surprised how much cleaner your space can be with items always put in their proper places!

#9. Doesn't Work? Toss It!

Whether it's clothing that no longer fits or an item that is broken, this is a great time to free up some space and get rid of clutter to achieve some clarity! Try going through your home and gathering broken items for the garbage or items for donation and create some new found space!

#10. Get Everyone Involved!

Lastly, spend some time with your family by doing a daily 10 minute clean sweep to put things away, and then another 10 to prepare everything for the morning! You will stay organized and save lots of time instead of running around panicked when you need to go!

You can even try adding a little music to get you and your family having a little fun and feeling motivated towards helping with a little tidy time each evening!

BONUS: Keep a Bin Handy

Don't wait for the clutter to build up! Keep a donation bin in your house that you can add to over time. It makes your big cleaning sessions easier and lets you put unused items in a place now, for donation later!

Making regular small changes leads to less clutter and can achieve a lot of clarity! What are you waiting for?

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