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11 How To Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

Stop fighting the place that feeds you and find peace in a more organized space! You'll thank yourself for a place that doesn't need the constant attention it used to.

Clear Out the Obsolete

Donate any unused items! Pots, pans, old glasses, unused utensils, bakeware. Clear the clutter and make space for what you actually use! You'd be surprised how many extra things lie around for years without use.

Create a New System

Store like-items together. Have favourite kitchen items you like to use? Don't keep digging through unused items just to get what you need all the time. Take a look at your current setup and design your kitchen around what you use most by keeping similar items together and clutter-free. This is a good time to assess what you no longer use and donate items to free up some space!

Clear Your Counters

A clean kitchen helps with a clear mind! Try displaying only a few items on your counters while keeping the rest put away. A kitchen counter is very much like a work desk, so keep your mind clear with a nice shiny surface every time you walk in! A clean kitchen is the centre of the home that can help everyone stay motivated to keep the rest of the home clean and tidy!

Use Baskets

Small clear baskets or stackable clear tupperware containers in your fridge and cupboards is a great way to keep everything easy to see and organized!

This is the sort of space that allows your imagination to start fresh every meal! No matter how big or small, your counter space shouldn't limit your potential!

A Common Container Chaos

How many plastic containers do you have? Do you just cringe at the thought of opening your tupperware cupboard? Try donating the mismatched pieces and keep only a select few all with matching lids. Use a large drawer to neatly store your plastic containers, or install a pull-out drawer in a kitchen cabinet to keep everything organized.

For the remaining plastic containers in from your kitchen, try finding other areas of your home to organize loose items in your garage, or your make-up, first aid, kids small toys, crafts and more!

Turn Tables / Lazy Susans

Your kitchen cupboards or food pantry can benefit from using turntable style Lazy Susans for quick access to kitchen items. One Lazy Susan for your drinking glasses, another to store other similar items like oils and spices. Dish soap and cleaning items under the kitchen sink, and so on! This is a great option to quickly access it all with a easy spin.


Using spices is a large part of creating flavourful meals. Many of us can find ourselves digging through many spices trying to find what we need quickly while preparing meals. Your local dollar or thrift stores are a great source to find inexpensive containers. You can easily organize and label your spices into any drawer. The best part is, you can save dollars by buying bulk spices and easily refill your spices as needed!

Pull-Out Drawers

Lower cupboards are great for mass storage, but most of the space is unused because it's too hard to reach! Try adding pull-out drawers to easily use the valuable space. Your local hardware store has kits (or tracks for the DIY-crowd!).

Organized Pantry

Keep your food pantry organized with clear labelled containers for flour, sugar, baking, rice, pastas, dried goods and more! Keep everything fresh and organized while easily seeing what needs to be added to the grocery list before you run out!

Door Organizers

Create additional space by using door organizers! Door organizers are available in a variety of options from cubbies to door baskets, hanging pocket organizers or adjustable bins!

You can easily create extra space that usually goes unused, especially in head-height cupboards, behind any doors like food pantries or kitchen doors! Spices, baking accessories, foil and plastic wrap, dried snacks, and more can be easily organized!

The area underneath kitchen sinks can be used for organizing household cleaners, dishwashing items and more. You can do the same on an opposite cupboard door to organize your recycling and garbage, creating a very easy to access organized space for many of your kitchen needs!

Use clear labelled containers for flour, sugar, baking, and more! Keep everything fresh and organized while easily seeing what needs to be added to the grocery list soon.

Note Space

Attach a whiteboard inside one cupboard door and a corkboard inside another to quickly eliminate clutter of notes, lists and papers in your kitchen! You now have a single centre for your needs.

Hook Yourself Up!

Use the back of any kitchen cupboard doors to place hooks for your baking items like measuring cups and spoons. Adding cork boards under your hooks is a great way to pin up recipes and or reference charts to refer to for baking and cooking conversions and more!

Every inch of space in your kitchen is very valuable. Aim to create an environment with these great tips that will allow you to cook with ease and enjoy new found space for a clutter free and more organized kitchen!

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