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Fun Tips to Get Everything Organized Around the House!

Lifestyle Rezolutions compiles a list of great ways to maintain clarity in your ever-busy life!

ID Your Keys

Use your favourite nail polish and neatly paint the heads of your keys. You can add rhinestones or sparkles from local dollar stores and simply seal with a clear coat! Voilà! beautiful keys identified without all the expense. This can be a great project to sit and do something fun with your teens!

Save Your Bread Ties

Use your bread ties to identify electronic cords or keep the end of tape rolls easy to grab without damaging the tape!

Toilet Paper Rolls Can Be Handy

Keep your empty TP rolls so you can slide in coiled up cords, extensions, cables and organize them in any clear storage bin! You can even get more crafty and wrap a toilet roll with coloured paper and a label so other family members can easily identify types of cable or cords! Similarly, use sturdy leftover gift wrap paper rolls to coil up your indoor Christmas lights on the outside of the roll!

Keep Your Crafts in One Place

Organize small craft pieces in clear mason jars (or any clear jar) to see exactly what you have, nice and neat! You can decorate each lid with a simple piece of fabric and a ribbon or elastic. If you want to put use to any other containers that aren't clear, try gluing a piece of what it contains or a label right on top!

Keep Paper Rolls Wrapped Up

We're back with the leftover paper rolls! Slicing an opening in a paper towel roll allows you to wrap it around gift wrap to keep it from unravelling!

Organizing Your Car

Use clear hanging pocket organizers behind seats of your car and organize your carry-alongs! Gloves, hand sanitizer wipes, first aid, tissues, or anything you need - easy to access, without taking up space!

Stair Baskets

Save time and stay organized by adding a pretty stair basket! Never go up or down empty-handed! Simply place items in the basket to be put away, when you go up, grab the basket and put the items away and do the same coming down! A great way to stay on top of items always being put where they belong!

Sort Your Office Space

Short on drawer space? Use a tool drawer caddy to organize your office supplies! A great way to divide and store your office essentials like paper clips, tacks, pens, white-out and more! Simply mark the name of each section on a label or a piece of paper cut to fit each compartment, and you'll have all your office essentials in one easy-to-access & organized place!

Extra Makeup Bags?

Cosmetic zipper cases are great for staying organized in your car, purse, and even at the office! Simply create your own variety of zipper kits for a variety of tems like Snacks, Sewing kits, Medicine, Wipes, Hand sanitizer, Band-aids, Chargers, makeup and more! A great way to keep your essentials together when on the go!

There isn't any reason you can't have fun making up new systems and solutions to keep your life more organized!

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