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Home Organization Do-It-Yourself Solutions

There's plenty of ways you can organize your home with items you have laying around!

Clean Kits!

Have cleaning kits ready to go under the bathroom and kitchen sinks for quick clean up!

Easy Closet Organizers: Clear Wall File Holders

Store scarfs, lingerie, accessories, belts, or any small items in handy file holders along a wall!

Easy-Access Bathroom Accessories

Install a magnetic strip of the inside of your door for scissors, nail clippers, files, tweezers and anything else you need.

Contain Your Cabinet Chaos

Organize your bathroom cabinet with clear tupperware containers and labels. Great for first aid, makeup, hairclips, cleanser cottonballs, swabs, and more! Neatly stack each container and see what you need without having to dig through anything!

Declutter Kids Play Areas

Try using clear wall file organizers to organize children's books, colouring books and crayons, or whatever else they get their hands on! For the toys and items they can use unsupervised, try mounting a few of the same organizers lower for easy access.

Make Your Morning Easy

Prepare a morning tray station that contains all the items necessary for your morning! It's hardly fun digging around for everything, so why not have the coffee cup, vitamins, cereal & bowl, and whatever else you need all in one place?

Tension Rods for Added Space

Use bathroom tension shower rods in closets for extra hanging space to drape clothing or hang-dry clothes. Use small curtain tension rods inside cabinets with S hooks to hang items like cleaner bottles, rags, and so on.

Easily Access Low Cabinets

Use turntables in low cabinets to quickly access cleaners, dish soap, and other kitchen items!

Organize Tupperware and Lids

Have an old dish drying rack you no longer need? Use it again as a great item toi organize tupperware / cookware lids and pans! Most stand nicely and stay organized in the dish rack slots and can be easily pulled out when needed. The cutlery tray is also a great place to hold onto extra utensils!

Mornings and Evenings

Every morning, give yourself enough time to start your day by waking up a little earlier. The night before, swap out 5 to 15 minutes of your TV / relaxation time and prepare your clothing, purse / wallet, keys, bags, and breakfast so you can start your day prepared, unburdened, and feel fresh and focused!

Pull Out a Basket with Everything You Need

Use drawer dividers or baskets throughout your home to keep similar items together and neatly organized. It's a lot easier to pull out needed items from one place instead of several! This is a great way to eliminate junk drawers and keep similar items organized together to be easily found quickly when needed!

Personalized Organizers in Entryway

Having a home for each family member to hang their jackets, place shoes, bags, and so on is the best way to prevent items being thrown throughout the house! Place a decorative clip on each cubby to attach memos & reminders for each family member as needed, and keep a pen and paper local to that area for easy communication.

Try making a goal of one new organization change in your home at least once a month! It takes 3 weeks to develop a new habit, so one change a month to get everybody up to speed will help develop these habits! Each solution can help you develop an organized home and family, so try something that works best for you out of our suggestions!

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