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8 Great Storage Ideas for Unused Luggage Bags!

Luggage bags are great for condensing your travel gear, but why not at home? Some bags get too battered for the trips, but don't retire them quite yet!

Idea 1: Gift Wrap Station

Where's your wrapping paper? How about the scissors, tape, bows, and tags? An old suitcase is perfect for a wrapping station that you can roll out any time!

You can nicely store rolls of wrapping paper in a larger case along with gift bags, bows and tags in the pockets! All luggage bags are sturdy enough to endure a tight closet and will keep your materials (and even surprise gifts!) safely stored. Make gift wrapping convenient by taking out your gift wrapping case to comfortably wrap anywhere in your home with everything at your fingertips!

Idea 2: Seasonal Clothing Storage

Got a cluttered closet? Luggage tags work great for categorizing clothes into unused luggage bags! Why sort through summer clothes in the middle of winter? We really only need our clothes accessible by season. Packing up seasonal clothing is a great solution to keep your clothing free of dust and create some great uncluttered space for yourself!

Idea 3: Crafts for Kids

Keep beads, glitter, googly eyes and more in little containers that tuck away into any unused luggage bag! Simply pull out the case when it's craft time and have everything in one convenient and easy to access case. A great way to keep all those messy crafts contained into one small portable space! A simple piece of luggage can make craft time fun and stress-free for mom, being easy to set up and clean up anywhere you choose: in your home, on the go to grandma's, or even outdoors!

Idea 4: Scrapbooking Fun

Crafts aren't just for kids! If you find that there's always a scrapbook project lying around from potentially years ago, motivate yourself by having everything ready to go at any time in a suitcase!

Idea 5: First Aid Station

A tougher unused travel bag can be used to create a first aid station that can include everything while being portable in the event of an emergency!

If you have more than one unused travel bag, consider creating a First Aid Boo Boo Box for your kids! Make your kit something special by dressing it up with your kids, and even teach them the importance of safety and why it's important to have a first-aid kit.

Idea 6: Christmas Decor

Keep your Christmas decorations easy to access and carry when you need it! You can make sure your precious ornaments are also kept safe by having them wrapped and stored nicely in your new found Christmas luggage!

Idea 7: Guest Linens

Save space by using space bags and unused luggage for spare linens! You can keep everything you need in one piece of luggage instead of taking up needed space and making a mess of your organized closet as you try to take out needed linens.

Idea 8: Store Old Books & Documents

Tuck away your favourite old books or yearbooks and find a place for documents or letters that you'd like to keep without all the clutter!

Idea 9: Keepsakes

Putting them away in a spare travel bag is a great way to organize and keep your memories safe and all in one place when you feel like going down memory lane!

Unused luggage can be a great way to provide the clarity you need to reclaim your space, or just sort out that one troublesome closet. Dedicate some time to saving space and achieving clarity!

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