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How to Start Organizing at Home

6 easy steps to gain focus and start getting organized with a busy schedule!

Step 1. Preplan your day the night before

Preplanning your day ahead of time allows you to sleep better at night and fit in blocks of time that normally are lost to not planning and cause a lot of lost time doing unnecessary circles trying to remember everything that needs to be done.

Step 2. Make a goal to wake up an hour earlier!

Get some of those to-dos out of your way before your day even starts! You will avoid procrastinating at the end of the day and feel motivated that you already got things done in the morning!

Step 3. Prepare for the following day the evening before!

Step 4. Plan an organization session each day!

Schedule a little time each day to get organized! Try no less than 10 minutes, take some time to plan out a block of time for organizing. Make sure you have a timer and there are no interruptions! We encourage 20 to 30 minutes each day for organizing time to create motivation and achieve becoming more organized in digestible doses. Short on time? Even 10 minutes will be enough to get you started on those busy days! Create motivation by doing a little each and every day!

Step 5. Stay motivated!

Remember any steps taken each day is better than no steps at all. For example, you want to organize your photos into scrapbooks. Tackle your photos with 10 minutes each day, and before you know it, your photo pile will be decreasing and motivation increasing to want to do more!

Step 6. Plan an organizing schedule!

Take a calendar from a local dollar store and break each week of the month into an organizing category with a highlighter.

If you want to use your calendar for other things as well, take a ruler and highlight just at the bottom!

By knowing what area of your home you would like to focus on organizing each week, you will be able to preplan small tasks to work on a little each day. Getting organized doesn't have to be overwhelming, and it definitely should be made achievable without all the stress!

Remember, taking some time each evening to plan and prepare your next day will allow you to start your following day fresh and on a good foot! As we all know, when we start our mornings rushed and disorganized, it usually leads to more chaos throughout the whole day. Choose to start your days on the right foot!

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