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12 Ways to Save Time While You Wait

We all lose hundreds of hours each year just waiting! We wait for medical specialists, line-ups, traffic gridlocks, buses or travel, waiting for kids, ferries, and so on. We all have many times where we find ourselves dealing with the frustration and lost time caused by waiting.

Time is very precious, so here's a list of a few ideas of how you can stay productive even while you wait.

1. Preplan Your Schedule

2. Write out your weekly meal plan and grocery needs

3. Take a moment for mindfulness

The time you spend waiting is a great time to go over everything that you are thankful for, and everything you are good at! Any positive affirmation is really great to repeat to yourself throughout the day!

4. Do a mini-manicure

5. Return phone calls or book appointments

6. Think over your problems

Go over some areas that you would like to improve and think about an effective action plan. If you have a pen and paper handy, write it down!

7. Do some sourcing or online shopping on your phone or tablet

8. Get caught up on emails

9. Tidy up your wallet or purse

10. Read some literature!

Alternatively, read an audio book. Either way, relax and have some me-time and get caught up on your reading!

11. Clean up the car

If you're stuck waiting in the car, why not grab a bag and clean up? It's a great time to sort out the glove box, too!

12. Meditate

If nothing else, take some time to do a deep breathing exercise or meditate to destress and relax!

There are many things that you can do while you wait and still be productive. We live in a busy world, so it's a good time to stop and take the time to just relax and think positive or get some to-dos done!

Waiting is only as frustrating as you allow it to be!

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