Bug Me Book Problem solving tool to help vent frustrations!

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Growing up is a wonderful time for kids, but it doesn't come without its stresses! Help your growing son or daughter learn the best ways of dealing with peer pressure, school problems, and growing pains! The Bug Me Book is the perfect tool for venting frustrations and finding better, positive solutions to problems that can pop up in everybody's life!

Give Them a Place to Vent!

The Bug Me Book is a perfect place to write it all down. It's a diary with a purpose: get out those frustrations! Your growing children need to know that it isn't healthy to just bottle everything up and worry about everything!

Each page allows your child or teen to write down what bugs them in a short, easy-to-understand manner so they can come back and identify the real issue ASAP!

Solve Those Grown-Up Problems!

Once the problem has been dumped inside the Bug Me Book, it's easy to come back later and find a real solution!

Each page offers two resolution areas, which each have two solution sections! Your child is able to describe how they're going to fix an issue with a positive plan and give themselves a timeframe while they're at it!

Solution A: _________

Your main strategy! This is Plan A for achieving a happy solution to any problem that has arisen.

Solution B: _________

Any good plan has a backup! As a parent, encourage considering what may go wrong and how your child can prepare for anything.

The Book Itself:

With 100 pages in full-color included, the Bug Me Book really delivers value! There's plenty of space to think and resolve!

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How to Use the Bug Me Book:

Step #1:

Identify the Issue: The first step in any problem solving strategy is to find out what's really bugging you! Encourage your child or teen to really pinpoint their problems and write it down in a short, straightforward manner.

This step is a real release! The Bug Me Book helps you let something go in words and relax for a while.

Step #2:

Return with a Clear Mind: Open up your Bug Me Book once you feel a little cooled off, or when a great solution comes to mind! Write it down along with another idea and decide a date the resolution should be attempted by.

Make sure it's a real strategy! Encourage developing positive plans to relieve stress and get back on course with a happy lifestyle!

Step #3:

Make It Happen!: Most importantly, make it happen! Ensure that those resolutions don't go unfinished, or else those little bugs won't ever go away!

Consider that your child may have issues finding positive solutions. If they appear open to suggestion, always encourage a strategy that they can make happen and offer some help!

It's that easy with the Lifestyle Rezolutions Bug Me Book!

Now you know all there is to know about this kit! We hopes you find great success while using any of our at-home lifestyle programs. If you have anything to say about our lifestyle aids, consider talking with us or writing a review! We would always love to hear from you.

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