Do business better and keep your contacts!

Business in a Box Organize over 150 cards from your contacts and never lose a good connection to an important contact!

> Lifestyle Accessory for Office and Home

Business in a Box provides you with a space to safely store a large collection of business and personal contacts so you don't have to scramble around to find who you need, when you need them. It's a simple desktop solution that brings you a little peace of mind and clarity!

One convenient organizer for all your contacts!

Every Business in a Box features 14 colourful and categorized folders for every type of card! This organizer can be tucked away almost anywhere with its sleek business appearance and portable size!

Access those contacts when you need them, not whenever you find them! Business in a Box holds over 150 business cards in a tiny space. Make organizing easy and business a breeze with Business in a Box!

What Your Kit Comes With:

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How to Use Business in a Box:

Step #1:

Gather Up Your Cards: Round up every business card you want to keep! Start by placing all of your business cards in their appropriate categories once you've read each folder.

Never lose those cards again! Your Business in a Box helps you put your entire collection of cards into one space. Including categories such as Travel, Legal, Medical and more, you can keep your contacts nice and tidy!

Step #2:

Store It Away: Tuck your Business in a Box away somewhere accessible! Any of our Office Organizers will fit right on top of any modern desk, shelf, or kept neatly away anywhere into one convenient space!

It's that easy with Business in a Box!

Now you know all there is to know about this kit! We hope you find great success while using any of our at-home lifestyle programs or accessories. If you have anything to say about our lifestyle aids, consider talking with us or writing a review! We would always love to hear from you.

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