Visual reminders for maintaining productive, proactive households!

EZ•DO Daily Living™ Maintain independence and a happy, healthy lifestyle!

> Lifestyle Program for Aging Parents, Seniors and Special Needs

EZ•DO Daily Living™ is the perfect in-home program for individuals wanting to maintain independence with a changing lifestyle! Whether it's you or a loved one, everyone will find clarity and peace of mind in this non-intrusive, interactive, and convenient kit! It's physical, easy to learn, and made to last. Find out about the whole program on this page!


EZ•DO Daily Living™ is best used with general forgetfulness, aging in place, dementia, early stages of Alzheimer's, special needs, developmental disabilities, and other special care requirements.

It's a Visual Day Planner and Constant Reminder!

EZ•DO Daily Living™ allows anyone in the home to display reminder cards for the program user. Set up the EZ•DO in a convenient and often visited place so the day's tasks and events are always visible and easy to remember! It takes a few minutes to do, and will be very helpful throughout the whole day.

Every EZ•DO Daily Living™ program provides 30 reminders for just about any activity of daily living!

Maintain Independence at Home

It's important to stay healthy and functional every day! Many individuals are still very capable of taking care of themselves, but need a little friendly reminder to help remmeber those important daily to-dos! EZ•DO Daily Living™ provides a non-intrusive way to stay independent while living on your own or with a forgetful loved one.

These visual reminders allow you to easily communicate around the household without being a bother! Daily Living helps you maintain a peaceful, cooperative home environment all while maximizing independence. EZ•DO Daily Living™ is a great solution that maintains your privacy while avoiding or delaying the hassles and expense of professional help!

Find Clarity and Peace of Mind

Daily Living addresses one well-known fact: we all forget! For you and your loved ones with important tasks every day, EZ•DO Daily Living™ helps make sure that everyone's still on track. Worry less about medication, meal management, pets, and more!

Our reminders focus on the essential activities that are easily forgotten, so you can feel confident your daily to-dos are done, or rest assured that your loved ones know their responsibilities once you've left the house!

Made for Any Age and Ability

Our Daily Living reminders are printed on 2 mm thick 2.6 x 4" (68mm x 102 mm) cards so they're easily seen and easier to pick up! Contained within a convenient, user-friendly storage case, EZ•DO Daily Living™ is great with arthritic limitations and is easy to store just about anywhere in the house! Keep it in a cupboard, countertop or bedside, or leave it out in the open with the EZ•DO stands for quick and convenient daily setup!

Backed by a team of health care professionals in the fields of nursing, geriatrics and dementia, every card features large print text instructions and a related image to keep it fun and motivating while being accessible for individuals with specific needs.

What Your Kit Comes With:

  • 1 EZ•DO Daily Living™ Organizer
  • 30 Large Print Reminder Cards
  • 30 Large Print Reminder Dividers
  • 2 EZ•DO Stands for 8 Reminders
  • 1 Accessibility Block

The EZ•DO Daily Living™ program includes these reminders and more! With each printed on extra large, colourful cards, everyone can remember what's on today's to-dos. Each card displays a picture related to the task with distinct card colours and instructions!

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How to Use the EZ•DO Daily Living™ Program:

Step #1:

Plan Ahead: Start by arranging up to 4 reminders on the included EZ•DO stand, or a total of 8 with two. Set up your EZ•DO either the night before, or right when the day starts so it's fresh in everyone's minds!

For individuals who need to work step by step, arrange the cards in the order they should be completed!
For individuals who have difficulties processing multiple tasks, it is best to limit the amount of cards on the display to promote easier understanding.

Step #2:

Make Sure Everyone Knows About It: When you start the EZ•DO Daily Living™ program, especially on behalf of a loved one, everyone should know its purpose. Guide your loved one through these instructions and take time to answer any questions to make sure the use of EZ•DO Daily Living™ is clearly understood.

If you or your loved one that uses the program box has a difficult time working with the cards, remove or replace the foam accessibility block to provide more of a gap between each divider when sorting through reminders.

Step #3:

Remember Tasks and Turn Cards: As each task is finished, flip each card around in its stand so the back faces forward. This way, you or your loved one knows what's already been done and what's still left to do! It keeps track of progress and prevents any confusion by doing the same thing twice over.

When first using the EZ•DO Daily Living™ program, make sure the user develops a habit of coming back to the EZ•DO after every task so nothing's forgotten!

Step #4:

Finish Up: Once all tasks have been completed for the day, put the reminder cards away! Each reminder has its separate divider to organize each card and easily find each for future use.

Don't fall behind on maintaining your daily to-dos! The EZ•Do program should always be clutter-free and in plain sight to help you achieve clarity each and every day!

Step #5:

Set Up for Tomorrow: It is recommended to prepare your EZ•DO reminders the evening before for maximum clarity and the ability to start each day in the right direction. Once you set up your day, be sure to leave it in your designated EZ•DO spot for easy access and visibility!

For added functionality, consider using more EZ•DO Reminders from our sets! From home cleaning to customizable dry-erase cards, you'll find even more to love!

It's that easy with the EZ•DO Daily Living™ Lifestyle Program!

Now you know all there is to know about this kit! We hope you find great success while using any of our at-home lifestyle programs. If you have anything to say about our lifestyle aids, consider talking with us or writing a review! We would always love to hear from you.

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