EZ•DO Kids Chores Teach your kids in a happy & communicative household!

> Lifestyle Program for Parents and Kids

The EZ•DO Kids Chores is a lifestyle program that gets families working together! As children learn in the at-home, parent-conducted program, they will understand responsibility and develop essential skills for a wholesome lifestyle - now, and far in the future! Parents will get to communicate to their children in a friendly manner and help build the confidence their little achievers need to flourish and have a wholesome young development!

EZ•DO Cards are a choking hazard for children 0-3.

Communicate Your Child's Responsibilities

The EZ•DO Kids Chores program gives you an easy way to inform your child of what has to be done in a day! You can set up 5 of the 16 available task cards on the display stand so your kids know their responsibilities without even having to ask!

It's a simple way to get it all done! The Kids Chores system helps your kids remember their chores and keeps them motivated to finish them all so you don't have to bicker!

Build Self-Confidence and Respect

This fun and friendly program for kids promotes taking on tasks without always being guided step-by-step! As a crucial part of their development into independent teenagers, your children will learn to direct themselves in a timely, organized fashion (since those chores won't magically go away!).

As each chore is completed, your child is able to turn each card around and see their progress until they're done. While it's you that sets it all up, they're able to feel good about a job well done and you can spend more quality time together!

Teach Essential Lifeskills

Every EZ•DO Kids Reminder displays a task that they'll need to know for the rest of their lives! You will begin to feel confident giving your children more responsibility over time without worrying for their well-being.

As you go throughout the program with your little loved ones, they will learn how much goes into each task and begin to recognize the value of their actions. Your parenting and EZ•DO Kids Chores gives them the head-start they need to be most successful in life, and live happily with you and the family along the way!

What Your Kit Comes With:

  • 1 EZ•DO Kids Chores Organizer
  • 16 Reminder Cards
  • 16 Reminder Dividers
  • 1 EZ•DO Stand for 5 Reminders

The EZ•DO Kids Chores program includes these reminders and more! With each printed on large, friendly cards, both you and your children can have fun getting things done. Each card uses a distinct colour so they're easier identified and always feel like something fresh and new!

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How to Use the EZ•DO Kids Chores Program:

Step #1:

Plan Your Child's Day Ahead: Start by arranging up to 5 reminders on the included EZ•DO stand. Try to set it all up before your child wakes up for the day, so do it either at night or early in the morning!

Consider planning in a sequential order for your child's added benefit!

Step #2:

Ensure They Know It Well: For the first few uses (or as you introduce more reminders from the kit), make sure every task is understood clearly. Your child should know what is expected of them and how to proceed on their own.

Depending on how much your child knows already, you may want to think about guiding them through a chore as you do it together for every first new reminder.

Step #3:

Turn the Card Around: As each task is finished, have your child turn their completed EZ•DO reminder around and put it back in the stand. This helps them maintain a sense of progress.

You may want to ask your child to inform you when each chore is done for the first few times. First look to see if they've flipped the card around, and then go check the appropriate chore.

Step #4:

Report In!: When it's all done, take a look around and ensure that your little one has done their chores properly!

If it's not complete to your standards, make sure to show them what should be done better and check again later!

Step #5:

Reward a Job Well Done: Most importantly, when your child's EZ•DO is done for the day, make sure you give them praise! Your kids always want to do well by you, so always return the kindness and positivity they deserve! To help them better understand value and daily responsibilities, think about our EZ•DO Token Rewards Kids Program!

Give them a hug, say "Good job!" or "You're doing so well!"

It's that easy with the Lifestyle Rezolutions EZ•DO Kids Chores Lifestyle Program!

Now you know all there is to know about this kit! We hope you find great success while using any of our at-home lifestyle programs. If you have anything to say about our lifestyle aids, consider talking with us or writing a review! We would always love to hear from you.