EZ•DO Reminders Lifestyle Program Daily planning and organized living!

> For Individuals, Families and Independent Living / Special Needs

The best-selling organizational program from Lifestyle Rezolutions, EZ•DO! Our original Reminders are created for any home that needs a little clarity and structure! Get more done in your day to get back to what really matters!

Individuals and families will benefit through being able to schedule chores and activities without hassle while never forgetting what needs to be done! The EZ•DO Reminders program also works great for aging in place and maintaining independence, as it provides a place to remember activities of daily living, and promotes good brain health!

Get more done. It's simple!

It's all about having a game plan. EZ•DO Reminders allows you to start the day knowing what's got to be done so you're never confused about what to do next. You'll be able to jump from one task to another, well-knowing what's ahead on your EZ•DO! With every kit including 16 reminders, there's always something you can achieve!

Every EZ•DO kit includes reminders for everyday tasks that are often left around the house! And for anything else specific to your lifestyle, the customizable EZ•DO Notes has you covered!

Less forgetting, more achieving!

Going from one chore to another, it's easy for something to slip your mind. With the EZ•DO Reminders, you'll always know what's done and what's left! It's a great reminder for everyone in the family if you've got a forgetful husband or teen. Every reminder has a motivating picture and simple instructions, so nobody's lost!

Lifestyle Rezolutions also provides fantastic programs and articles for aging in place and independent living! Check them out through our instructionals, or through our Special Needs section.

Organize the whole family every day!

Even if everyone runs on different schedules, you can plan out a routine that works for the whole family! Each EZ•DO Reminders kit comes with a stand that fits 5 reminders, so you can fit plenty of chores for your household to get done over the day.

The EZ•DO program allows you to delegate tasks to the family without bickering over who does what. It's as simple as checking the EZ•DO and getting it done!

The to-do list that stays in your face!

In a world with enough apps to fill a few dozen phones, it's no wonder how everyone loses track of everything! The EZ•DO Reminders Lifestyle Program is professionally developed with a more physical interaction in mind. You're able to dedicate yourself to an amount of tasks you laid out and feel the satisfaction of completing each one!

Families can take advantage of a shared system too! Even if not asked, a motivated family member can check the EZ•DO and know how to give a helping hand any time! It's cooperative and productive!

Available EZ•DO Reminders (Click to Expand):


Schedule your day for cleaning and organization success! These reminders are great for a starting point in the EZ•DO series and can be easily expanded upon!

EZ•DO Reminders Household includes reminders such as:

  • Put Clean Clothes Away
  • Empty Garbages
  • And many more!

Household Plus:

Expand on your organizational kit for the home! All different reminders so you can plan for even greater success every day!

EZ•DO Reminders Household Plus includes reminders such as:

  • Gather Items for Donation
  • Feed & Take Care of Pets
  • And many more!


Always live happy and healthy! Schedule a little exercise every day with these great reminders and stay fit!

EZ•DO Reminders Exercise includes reminders such as:

  • Go for a Bike Ride
  • Attend an Exercise Class / DVD
  • And many more!

Spring Clean:

Fix up the house for the spring and summer! These reminders help you remember the tasks that are perfect for spring clean-up!

EZ•DO Reminders Spring Clean includes reminders such as:

  • Flip Mattresses
  • Clean Oven Inside and Outside
  • And many more!


Organize outside! Keep up on gardening and make your house beautiful again with tasks for your yard and home.

EZ•DO Reminders Outdoors includes reminders such as:

  • Wash Outside Windows
  • Pressure Washing
  • And many more!

My Notes:

8 customizeable, dry-erase reminder cards and 8 magnetic reminders!

EZ•DO Reminders My Notes allows you to decide!

  • Write out notes to your family members without wasting paper!
  • Request help from a specific person for a task
  • List detailed instructions to be followed!

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How to Use the EZ•DO Reminders Program:

Your EZ•DO Lifestyle Program has many uses! The instructions below will help you get the most out of your kit, and describes what to do whether you're on your own or have the family participating!

Step #1:

Plan Ahead: The night before, set up your 5 (or more!) reminders for what needs to be done the next day. You're able to start organizing before the day even begins!

Why bother doing this before bed? It's simple! Prevent spending valuable sleeping time staring at the ceiling thinking of what you need to do tomorrow! Set up your EZ•DO and sleep easy knowing you're ready to succeed!

Step #2 - Individuals:

Complete Your Planned Tasks: Before or after work, or whenever you schedule your organization time, get to your goals!

Try to set aside time every day to see the most success! If you're up for a challenge, try our Timer Time to motivate yourself to work faster!

Step #2 - Families:

Get Everyone Working!: Assign your set tasks to each person at home. Make sure everyone knows to check the EZ•DO! You can either give specific chores to specific people, or say "Complete one of the reminders today!"

Tip 1: If you usually delegate chores per person, consider applying blank labels to your EZ•DO Reminders stand(s) so you can directly write each person's name on their card space!

Tip 2: Trying to organize for younger kids as well? Try our EZ•DO Kids Chores Program to start them out early with learning responsibility!

Step #3:

Turn Cards Around: Whenever you or a family member finishes a task, turn the card around so its back faces forward! This means that the task is complete.

When you've got a family to manage, make sure the chore was actually done for the first few times you set up the EZ•DO! If it's not up to par, let the person know!

Step #4:

Finish Up for the Day: When all the tasks are complete on your EZ•DO, put the cards back in their tabbed boxes and set up for tomorrow!

It takes seconds to reorganize your EZ•DO. Make sure you don't create chaos inside of your organizational tools by taking the time to put it all away properly!

Using EZ•DO Notes:

Use the Dry-Erase Pen: Your Notes kit comes with a dry-erase pen, or you can use one of your own! Write out any tasks you have to plan, or reminders to your family that you can post on the fridge!

Tip: You can even give each person in your house one of the four fun colours so everybody knows what's theirs to do!

It's that easy with the Lifestyle Rezolutions EZ•DO Reminders Lifestyle Program!

Now you know all there is to know about this kit! We hope you find great success while using any of our at-home lifestyle programs. If you have anything to say about our lifestyle aids, consider talking with us or writing a review! We would always love to hear from you.

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