Challenge yourself and like-minded achievers to live happy & healthy together as a team!

Fit Friends Team achievement and motivation to live healthy, organized, and fit lives together!

> Lifestyle Program for Groups of 2-4 Individuals

Build up a team of super achievers with Fit Friends! The goal of this program is to provide 2-4 people a way to get together on a regular basis and succeed in achieving team-based and individual goals! You are able to plan events for organizing cluttered spaces, exercising together, or giving a helping hand however possible. When your entire Fit Friends crew has made progress, celebrate with fun events like days out together or a big family dinner!

Make More Happen In Less Time

Sure, achieving more sounds great, but think about how great it'll be with up to 3 others helping out! Clean your house in quarter of the time and feel great working out together with Fit Friends. Having help means you can stay on task and get your chores done faster and easier!

Rearranging the living room, painting somewhere in the house or setting up the garden all becomes so much easier (and much more fun!) when you have company. It's easy to tackle the big to-dos when you've got the best help around: Your friends!

Create an Inspiring Network of Achievers

Everyone can use a little help and inspiration on their way to success! Fit Friends promotes a healthy lifestyle of involving others and helping however you can. Feel good about your more organized, healthier and fulfilling life, and inspire those around you to succeed in their own goals, or create a Fit Friends group themselves!

What Your Fit Friends Program Includes:

4 Fit Friends Booklets

Fit Friends provides you with 4 booklets so you and up to 3 friends can all inspire each other to achieve!

Activity Ideas & Inspiration

Loaded with ideas for organization, fitness, and team rewards, Fit Friends provides you with a great platform to succeed!

Team Organization Pages

Dedicate to a schedule by physically writing and organizing in your mutual Fit Friends books!

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How to Use Fit Friends:

Step #1:

Call Up Your New Fit Friends: Your program needs people! Start by finding individuals in your life that want to make positive, healthy change for themselves and in their lifestyles.

Joining Fit Friends should always be a positive experience for everyone! Encourage joining as a way to improve yourself and become a more successful person with a happier support group!

Step #2:

Review the Content with Everyone: Review what your Fit Friends has in store with everyone present! That means you'll have to gather up all your new Fit Friends for your first meeting. Once you do, hand each person one Fit Friends book (program kit comes with 4 books).

Explain that the team must plan dates using the Team Tasks pages starting on Page 11. However, first you and your Fit Friends should fill in ideas for fitness, organization and leisure in the introductory pages so you can always have ideas for what to do to help each other!

Step #3:

Organize Your First Get-Together: Once everyone knows what Fit Friends is about, plan your first day! Write down a date within the week to meet and achieve, and agree on a rough idea of how frequently you want to meet. Fill in the objective of every date you plan ahead of time so you can start as soon as you meet up. It's encouraged to plan a fun event for after the first meetup so everyone can enjoy getting into the groove of Fit Friends!

As you plan more Fit Friends meetings, it's likely that not everyone can attend! Plan considerately, but also make sure your Fit Friends are just as dedicated as you are.

Step #4:

Keep Planning and Succeeding: When you've got the hang of Fit Friends, stick to it! Keep thinking of new ideas for you and your friends and how you can celebrate your fulfilling and fun lives!

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It's that easy with Fit Friends!

Now you know all there is to know about this kit! We hope you find great success while using any of our at-home lifestyle programs or accessories. If you have anything to say about our lifestyle aids, consider talking with us or writing a review! We would always love to hear from you.