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MAX 10 Recreate yourself in the lifestyle you want for healthy, happy living!

> Lifestyle Program for Individuals

MAX 10 is the ultimate lifestyle makeover program! Made for motivated individuals wanting to succeed and see their lives flourish, MAX 10 is designed to help you make a lifestyle for yourself that you love!

Focusing on elements of organization, motivation, nutrition, fitness, personal well-being and more, this at-home lifestyle program is the all-in-one package for lifestyle success. MAX 10 gets you on top of over ten aspects of a healthy lifestyle so you're always achieving your best!

Learn more about MAX 10, how it can help you, its features, and even how to use it below!

Recreate Yourself with MAX 10

MAX 10 is the perfect 10 month transformation program to guide you to a better self! Its four 10-week segments promote good nutrition, organized living, goal achieving, and a fit body to top it off! Your MAX 10 experience will drive you to levels you've never achieved before. Attain your ideal self by setting MAX goals and making them happen a day at a time. You know what you want to be - MAX 10 can take you there!

Make Your MAX Happen

So you know what has to be done, it's just not getting done! Staying in a state of procrastination prevents positive change, so get yourself in gear for success! MAX 10 helps you identify what you need to achieve. You will consider your short and long term goals then break each down into simple, straightforward steps that you can start taking today. Take action to live your dream life now!


Solve "Never Enough Time" and Live Better!

Achieving your goals means you'll have more time in a day, not less! See your efforts paint a picture of success instead of drowning underneath endless tasks and to-dos. MAX 10 inspires you to stay on top of your day and get more done. Focus on achieving your goals through your self-made objectives and discover your potential to succeed! Your body, mind, and even your schedule, will all thank you!

What Your MAX 10 Kit Comes With:

Over 400 Pages of Motivation

MAX 10 Contains full colour, bright and motivating pages throughout its entire program!

10 Months of Success

MAX 10 is the ultimate lifestyle program, containing almost a year of complete lifestyle tracking and achievement!

Standing Display

Keep your MAX 10 around in your successful lifestyle with it standing up on any dresser, table, or counter!

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How to Use the MAX 10 Program:

Step #1:

Read Your MAX 10: MAX 10 provides you with enough information to start the same day you open it up! Read through its introductory pages and see what's in store for later in its daily entries and many motivating goal-achieving pages.

From now on, treat your MAX 10 as a lifestyle journal. Everything you do to better yourself can be recorded inside its colourful and encouraging pages, so go see how much you can do in a day!

Step #2:

Write Down Who You Are: Before you start your MAX 10 daily entries, make a record of who you are today!

MAX 10 provides a whole section for you to make observations on yourself so you can see how far you've come when you've become your MAX! You will fill in a variety of measurements and personal thoughts about what your success means to you.

Step #3:

Strategizing for Success: Plan out where you want to be by the time you're done your first 10-week segment! Make short and long term objectives for both your project and goal countdown pages. When you've made it through your first 10 weeks, consider setting your goals based on previous results and committing to doing better!

Step #4:

Start Your Daily Entries: Now that you have your goals in mind, start your MAX 10 journey! Write the date and a positive statement to yourself at the top of your entry page, then fill in what the weather's like and how you're feeling.

Next, decide on meals and snacks for the day. Remember that some of your MAX 10 daily journal is meant to be filled in before you start your day, and some once you've finished up!

Sections that should be filled out before your day are: date, day, weather, mood, meals, snacks, steps towards your goal, my me-time, daily preplanning, today's organizer, and daily chores around the house.

Step #5:

Continue Your MAX 10 Goals: Throughout your day, make sure you spend at least 5 minutes on each section of your MAX 10 journal. Complete everything you've planned out for yourself, and complete the remaining sections of your journal as best you can.

Many people need a hand getting started on to-dos and tasks! Whenever you can't decide on how to fulfill your MAX 10 daily objectives, flip to your Point n' Pics pages and close your eyes and point! Make sure you get everything done every day for maximum success!

Step #6:

After 10 Weeks: Once you've filled out your entire first 10 week calendar, move on to the next! Write yourself new goals and projects, plan for challenges, and get going!

You will be more and more familiar with the MAX 10 program as you complete it, but it's no excuse to start skipping out on anything. Focus on doing the very best you can and achieve more than you ever have before!

It's that easy with the MAX 10 Lifestyle Program!

From the Lifestyle Rezolutions team that brought you MAX 10: Good Luck!

Now you know all there is to know about this kit! We hope you find great success while using any of our at-home lifestyle programs. If you have anything to say about our lifestyle aids, consider talking with us or writing a review! We would always love to hear from you.

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