Eat your cravings instead of settling for second best. Find your restaurant menus when you need them!

Menu Mate Keep your life in order when your stomach starts to rumble.

> Lifestyle Accessory for Families, Seniors and Individuals

Menu Mate is the brilliantly simple and convenient organizer for all your take-out menus and fast food coupons! Menu Mate helps you decide on anything from Italian to Vietnamese cuisine so you aren't searching for favourites when your stomach's already rumbling!

Less Fiddling, More Feeding!

Menu Mate gives you access to all your favourite restaurants and their menus quickly at your fingertips. Each cuisine divider gives you plenty of space to write down your favourites. Your whole family can browse menus quickly and easily so you don't have to settle with another fast food trip!

Making Better Meal Choices

Even when you're too busy to cook for yourself, Menu Mate helps you decide on healthy choices with any cuisine of choice! Every divider's favourite picks can be marked as a Healthy Choice for calorie counters, carb cutters, or anybody looking for better nutrition for themselves or their families.

What Your Kit Comes With:

One Menu Mate Box

Store all of your restaurant menus in this convenient cupboard-sized box!

14 Menu Dividers

Keep all your delicious cuisines in their categories with 14 illustrated mouth-watering dividers.

Free: Menu Mate Mobile

Hold onto those food coupons! Menu Mate Mobile is a pocket to carry with you for fast food & more!

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How to Use Menu Mate:

Step #1:

Gather Your Restaurant Menus: Relieve the fridge of its menu-holding duty and liberate your crowded cupboards! Place all your menus into cuisine categories, but don't put them in your Menu Mate quite yet!

Step #2:

Write Down the Good Grub: On each cuisine divider, write down your favourites from within the section! These are picks for quick easy access in the future for your own mouth-watering favourites!

Is it healthy? Is it healthy? A question to consider when writing in each selection. If you're trying to make better meal choices, find foods that help you achieve that goal. Eating out can be healthier when you take the time to make sensible choices.

Family environments should consider writing a favourite for each individual in the family so everybody gets to include their favorite pick!

Step #3:

Refill Your Menu Mate: Now that you've got everything organized, put each cuisine back into the box with its appropriate menus. Menu Mate will fit on your countertop or in most cupboards for easy access.

Step #4:

When Your Tummy Starts Grumbling: Grab the Menu Mate and pick! If you're using a new menu and haven't discovered your favorites, remember the order and write it down for next time!

It's that easy with Menu Mate!

Now you know all there is to know about this kit! We hope you find great success while using any of our at-home lifestyle programs or accessories. If you have anything to say about our lifestyle aids, consider talking with us or writing a review! We would always love to hear from you.

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