Important papers sorted and organized in one small space.

Office Butler Expenses organized, finance papers sorted, and your mind clear.

> Lifestyle Program for Office and Home

The professional organizer that conveniently compacts your important documents into three binders!

Tidy It All Up

The Office Butler can replace an entire filing cabinet with its one convenient file management system! Using 12 categories per 3-inch binder, you can fit everything you need to manage current finances and save on space!

Office Butler also provides an additional 12 customizeable dividers per binder for even greater office organization! Each customizeable divider allows you to labels its tab and contents right on the page.

The Faster & Friendly Office Butler

You don't have time to dig through hundreds of papers! Save the headache and spend less time finding documents at the office, home, or in that meeting with no time to waste!

Office Butler is easy to bring along anywhere you need it! With three separate binders and matching modern style sleeves, you can bring just what you need and nothing else!

Three Steps to Any Document

Make file managing a breeze. Confidently store documents without worrying about losing anything, and it only takes seconds per page!

What Your Kit Comes With:

12 Coloured Dividers Per Binder

Find a place for every file you've got. Cleanly arranged into colourful categories.

3 Office Butler Binders + Individual Sleeves

Three 3-ring binders will hold an entire filing cabinet's capacity to completely categorize your finances and stay looking sleek!

12 Customizeable Dividers Per Binder

For everything else you have, make new folders! 12 custom tabbed dividers help you organize everything just how you want it.

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How to Use Office Butler:

Step #1:

Set Up Your Binders: Office Butler is made to match your office needs! Go through the Financial, Payables and General binders and decide whether or not you want more categories to start. If you do, write in whatever you need to the blank tabs in each Office Butler binder.

Now's also a great time to read through each section available for your use already!

Step #2:

Categorize & Transfer Your Files: It may sound like a big step, but you only have to do it once! Gather up all relevant information for your records and put them into place in each Office Butler binder category. It's a good idea to have a hole punch ready!

Your filing cupboard or cabinet has likely been a project you need to tackle, and this is the time to do it! Grab your Office Butler and get filing.

Step #3:

Neatly Organize Pages & Add More Categories: It's recommended that you always neatly place a file into its proper spot! Take the time to place each document where it belongs so you'll never misplace anything. Your Office Butler is your financial powerhouse - take it with you to any financial meeting or during tax time and never misplace invaluable information!

Consider using a system within each category as well so you know where, for example, a credit card statement will be amongst many others. Sort by month or date and write down how it was organized on the front of your category divider!

Step #4:

Clean It All Out: Keep your Office Butler clean and crisp by tossing out unused, expired and old non-essential documents!

Either clear out your Office Butler every fiscal year or pluck out expired information as necessary. Don't let anything sit for too long! For important documents that need to be kept for taxes and or business records, simply label and band together and place into a bankers box for required record keeping.

It's that easy with Office Butler!

Now you know all there is to know about this kit! We hope you find great success while using any of our at-home lifestyle programs or accessories. If you have anything to say about our lifestyle aids, consider talking with us or writing a review! We would always love to hear from you.