Tackle a busy schedule with the organization you need to stay on top of the ball!

Task Tackler Easily prioritize & manage your to-dos, tasks and information sourcing

> Lifestyle Program for Busy, Disorganized, or Unmotivated Individuals

Task Tackler is the simply solution to the mind full of to-dos and troublesome tasks! Easily place all your tasks into one convenient location so you can easily determine your priorities while reducing stress and clearing your busy mind.

Task Tackler provides you with a place to dump all of your big to-dos and decide what's top on your priority list so you can regain focus and clarity to be as productive as possible!

Remember What You Really Need Done!

Task Tackler allows you right down everything you need to know to get a task finished. Stress and struggle less!

Your Task Tackler includes many pages for you to fill out with your chore, how long it will take, how important it is, and how you'll get it done! Keep yourself motivated and ready to achieve by always knowing what you can be doing next.

Source Out Important Information

Write down what you want to find out in a reliable space that you won't lose track of.

In today's world, there's always something you need to know! Stop losing track of the details that may help you or your work by recording your progress in your Task Tackler sourcing pages.

Every Task Tackler includes numerous pages for you to quickly jot down what you need to find out online or in the library so you never lose track of that new great idea! Task Tackler helps you maintain one location for all your important to-dos rather than losing them as sticky notes or loose paper.

What Your Kit Comes With:

Have you ever found yourself waking up in the middle of the night with a thought of something you would like to do? When you wake up the next day, somehow that thought has just come and gone! With Task Tackler, stop forgetting your to-dos! Start your day by selecting priorities and tasks that fit your schedule and push you to achieve the most you can in your day!

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How to Use Task Tackler:

Step #1:

Introduce Yourself: Read your Task Tackler - it includes an example of how to record your tasks accurately and easily within its pages! Also locate the Task Tackler pages dedicated to sourcing information using the convenient tabs inside.

Step #2:

Dump Your Tasks Today: Priorities big and small belong in your Task Tackler. Need to weed the garden within a week or two? Make it a Priority 3 and focus on a Priority 1 (which may be, for example, cleaning up the house before your boss comes over for dinner!).

Write down all of your objectives and keep track of your priorities using the Task Tackler system. If you need it done today or tomorrow, that's a Priority #1! If you need it done in a week or two, put it at a #2, and for tasks that can be done within the month or year, make it a Priority #3!

Step #3:

Get Achieving!: Once you know what has to be done, make it all happen! Your Task Tackler has helped refocus and regain mindfulness of your needs, so focus on making progressive steps towards completing more priorities.

Feel good about your hard work! Record your continual success by checking off tasks and moving further into your Task Tackler! You can always feel good about yourself by seeing all you have done and not only what has to be done! Suggestion: Put a bookmark where your current priorities are so you can always flip right to where you need to be!

It's that easy with Task Tackler!

Now you know all there is to know about this kit! We hope you find great success while using any of our at-home lifestyle programs or accessories. If you have anything to say about our lifestyle aids, consider talking with us or writing a review! We would always love to hear from you.

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