Personal wellness journal to track health and weight loss goals and achieve more!

Tiny Tummies Food journaling, staying accountable, and achieving healthier lifestyles!

> Lifestyle Program for Individuals

Are you working on your weight loss, or trying to sustain a healthy lifestyle? The Tiny Tummies lifestyle program is the way to go for achieving your health goals with zero pills or dietary restrictions! Promoting a no-nonsense healthy lifestyle, this wellness journal will keep you accountable for your daily food intake and exercise habits!

Track everything quickly and easily!

It takes a minute to write down every success! With Tiny Tummies, you can track your water intake, meal plan for the day, and daily exercise! Every page is full colour with bright and motivating layouts that keep you positive and goal-oriented!

Tiny Tummies helps you develop healthy routines for a better lifestyle! By writing down each part of your daily wellness, you're able to stay accountable for all your choices and find out how you can improve!

Experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle!

Living well starts whenever you choose! You know what you have to do to achieve your weight loss goals. It's a matter of staying dedicated!

With pages for taking comprehensive measurements of your body, crossing off pounds, and rewarding your continued success, Tiny Tummies is a complete solution to help you on your way to healthy living! Take those first small steps towards well-being and a happy lifestyle and see how far they'll take you!

Features of the Tiny Tummies:

Want to know what's inside? Here are a few wonderful details our team has included in the Tiny Tummies lifestyle program!

The Full Introduction

Discover everything you need to get started! The Tiny Tummies program includes motivating facts, lots of tips, and a positive message to start off on the right foot! Tiny Tummies is the perfect first step to healthy living!

Measurement Pages

Take full body measurements and really witness your weight loss achievements! Record every inch lost every couple weeks as milestone successes and even keep count of pounds lost from when you started!

Detailed Daily Entry Logs

Without any of the hassle of constant journals! The Tiny Tummies journal allows you to track meals, water intake, your moods, exercise, and allows you to rate your daily performance! It feels great to write it all down!

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How to Use the Tiny Tummies Lifestyle Program:

Step #1:

Read Through Everything: Start from page one and read through everything! The Tiny Tummies lifestyle program is very user-friendly and motivating to pick up every day!

Don't be intimidated by size! The Tiny Tummies journal includes many daily entry pages for your use, but you'll only have to read a few pages!

Do you want to plan your meals and eat at regular times? Our Meal Minder can help remind you when to break for food!

Step #2:

Take Your Measurements Today: Start off with a Week 0 record for your reference! In weeks to come, you'll be able to look back at your previous weight and feel great about your success!

The +/- indicator on each measurement helps you keep track of net gain or loss. The included example shows how you can circle + or - and record total changes in your body!

Step #3:

Start Your Daily Entries: Write it all down! On your first Tiny Tummies day, take special attention to track each category in the entry pages so you can record everything quickly later!

Ensure you do this on a daily basis! Knowing that what you're eating is going on record, you'll be able to make healthier choices for a better lifestyle in the long run!
If you're wanting to increase your water intake, consider our Water Watcher!

Step #4:

Celebrate Your Successes: Remember that your healthy life begins and ends with enjoying a happy lifestyle! The last page of the Tiny Tummies introduction gives you a way to point n' pic some healthy rewards, but you're free to do anything that keeps promoting your success!

Remember to weigh and measure in every two weeks as well!

It's that easy with the Tiny Tummies Lifestyle Program!

Now you know all there is to know about this kit! We hope you find great success while using any of our at-home lifestyle programs. If you have anything to say about our lifestyle aids, consider talking with us or writing a review! We would always love to hear from you.

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