Your independence matters! Achieve clarity and peace of mind with great information for individuals with special needs or simply aging in place to maintain independence. Our shop provides amazing tools and systems for staying organized and independent with easy-to-use visual reminders and more!

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Memory Care Tips for Lasting Independence

Read: Healthy habits to make for long-term memory and mental health maintenance! Preserve your longevity and independence before it's too late.

Effects of an Inactive Lifestyle

An informative article on the consequences of avoiding
exercise at an older age!

Help Your Parents Stop Forgetting

Start remembering instead! Nursing tips that help aging parents.

Exercising & Independence

Keep yourself mobile and moving, and feel great about a healthy lifestyle! You can choose to set your own pace - find out what's best for you and start your days happier & healthier!

Reduce the Risk of Dementia

The mental effects of aging can be prevented with good health! Read nurse-approved tips that will promote an independent lifestyle that doesn't sacrifice anybody's happiness!

10 Fitness Tips for 50+

Get the basics for exercise and a healthy lifestyle at any age! For your safety, always consult a doctor before starting any exercise routine. Once you do, this is a great place to start!

EZ•DO Daily Living

Feeling forgetful? Easy to use visual routines to maintain independence!

Embrace Patience

Life can feel full of neverending challenges. Just remember that those challenges can shape us for amazing futures!

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Safe-Proofing: Bathroom

Read how to safe-proof a bathroom for users with special needs!

More 50+ Fit Tips!

Find some new inspiration with these suggestions!

Safe-Proofing: Bedroom

Make a bedroom more comfortable and safe for transferring & more!

Why You Should Be Proactive

From this day forward, choose to step out of your comfort zone and do things whenever you have the chance. Remember, ...

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Safe-Proofing: Kitchen

Reduce kitchen strains & dangers with LRC's nursing tips!

Safe-Proofing: Living Room

Address dangers in your living room and stairwells!

EZ•DO Reminders

Eliminate confusion for you and the family with visual communication routines!

Live a Joyous Life!

Take a moment to realize how toxic stress and anger is to your health! Your health matters, so choose to be ...

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Safe-Proofing: Walkways

Avoid slips, falls & more with these tips for entries and walkways!

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