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Exercising and Independence!

Exercise has an endless list of benefits! Here's a great list to keep in mind when motivating yourself to work out!

Exercising should consist of choices that are enjoyable so you avoid making excuses! Check out some of the great benefits and fun ways you can start exercising to improve your overall health! Lifestyle Rezolutions provides a wide variety of tools that help you start and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Check out our i Will Be Healthy, Water Watcher, or the I Am Successful Calendar to start! Be sure to always consult your physician before starting any exercise program.


Be social and improve mental health, mobility, and increase your bone density!

Resistance Bands / Light Weights

A great way to increase your strength, improve your mobility, bone density, and mood!


Have a lot of fun while slimming and strengthening your whole body and cardiovascular health!


Gain mental clarity, reduce stress, and improve your balance & flexibility!

Exercise Bike / Outdoor Bike Ride

Have fun increasing your leg strength, core, and cardiovascular strength! As a bonus, it's even a mood booster!


Reduce pain, and improve mobility & flexibility! Enjoy the great bonus of reducing the risks of injury!

Nordic Pole Walking

A great way to improve balance, mobility, and improve your cardiovascular health!

Bowling / Lawn Bowling

A fantastic way to have some fun with friends and improve your cognition, coordination, balance, and strength!

Exercise Classes at a Local Recreation / Seniors Center

A great way to meet new people, socialize, and improve moods! Gain strength, balance and flexibility while having fun!

Water Aerobics

A fun way to enjoy resistance exercises to build strength and tone with minimal impact on joints!


An amazing way to have fun while improving cardiovascular health, balance, coordination and decreasing stress!


Enjoy the beautiful outdoors and decrease stress, improve your mood all while burning a few extra calories towards better health!


An amazing way to improve your cardiovascular endurance, strength, balance and stay in great shape!


Take in all that fresh air and greenery! Golfing is a wonderful way to exercise your entire body while having loads of fun. You can improve your strength, coordination, and cardiovascular health. In addition, this a great way to reduce stress, achieve clarity and socialize!

Exercise is great way to make new friends and have some fun too! Best of all, it can help you dramatically improve your overall health and maintain independence. What are you waiting for? Be the healthier you that you want to be!