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How to Help Your Parents Stop Forgetting and Start Remembering

12 Easy things you can do to help your parents remember and help them stay more independent!

Introduce a Visual Reminder System

Staying independent can be very easy with daily reminders in place along with a little help from a loved one. These efforts can go a very long way in staying independent. Being aware of these needs as they arise is very important to ensure your parents are safe and their well-being is always being taken care of. See Lifestyle Rezolution's specially designed visual reminder system, EZ•DO Daily Living!

Develop Daily Routines

Implementing daily routines can make some tasks much easier to remember. Help reinforce new routines with a simple phone call to give a little direction and act as a helpful reminder to help establish the new routine.

Find Where They Need Help

If you are worried about your parents forgetting certain tasks like vacuuming or washing floors, stop and think for a moment, It could be on purpose! It may be because it is becoming too difficult! This may be a good time to offer your help or for someone to come in and help with those tasks.

It is important to introduce this suggestion carefully to not hurt anyone's pride, and explain that they have worked hard all their life. Suggest that this may be a could time to sit back and relax, and let someone else come in and do the harder tasks to have more time to do the things they enjoy!

Label Perishables

Encourage writing dates on a label or piece of tape on food containers in the fridge. This will help to be aware of how long something has been in the fridge.

Consider Meal Services

If you are worried about your parents not eating well-balanced meals regularly, you may want to encourage meal delivery services, or someone to come in and prepare a variety of meals for the fridge and freezer weekly or once every few weeks. This can really relieve some stress of worrying and help to ensure your parents are eating well regularly.

Encourage Simple Habits

You can offer additional suggestions to daily reminders, like turning a pill bottle upside down once they have been taken, or turning a shampoo or conditioner bottle upside down when bathing to act as a reminder that you have washed or conditioned your hair.

Home Office Systems

Make remembering to have bills paid much easier by implementing a home office system to help stay organized with any incoming bills or paper work. See our Office Organization System, Office Butler! Encourage writing down and highlighting a cheque number, date and state that it's been paid written on each bill. This tip will help you easily confirm payments if ever in doubt or questioning your memory if a bill has been paid.


Encourage social activities to maximize independence by staying active for both mental and physical well-being. Social activities are a great way to help keep a mind and memory staying much more active!

And a Little Help from Good People!

Encourage getting a little help from neighbours, friends, or a volunteer with regular visits or occasional help. This can be great for a little added reassurance and peace of mind that all is OK, for both you and your parents!

Independent living doesn't have to be such a challenge! These helpful tips can benefit any family with aging parents.

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