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Reduce Your Risk of Dementia!

10 easy actions you can take to reduce your risk of dementia and memory loss! Your memory matters!

Exercise Regularly

Aim for a minimum of 30 minutes a day of physical activity and greatly reduce your risks!

Maintain a Healthy Body Weight!

Healthy body weight decreases your risks not only with dementia, but it also decreases your risks of heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, stroke, high cholesterol, and a wide range of health problems!

Avoid Smoking!

If you smoke, this another great reason to kick the habit and not smoke!

Manage Your Stress!

Stress can be toxic to your memory and your overall health, so find ways to take time outs and relax! Be creative and find outlets that allow you to relax regularly.

Try a yoga class, meditation, hot bubble bath, relax and spend some time reading a book you enjoy! There's plenty of ways you can take a step back. Sip herbal tea in the fresh outdoors, take a walk and have some quiet alone time, or try giving yourself a special treat once in a while at a spa!

Stay Strong!

Do some form of regular resistance exercises to reduce your risk of falls and increase your overall strength. Exercise also has a great bonus of improving not only your physical health, but also acts as great way to improve your brain and mental health!

Kick the Alcohol

Avoiding alcohol altogether is best. Alternatively, try reducing the frequency and drink only in moderation to reduce your risks of dementia.

Exercise Your Brain

Keep your mind active! Read more, do puzzles, play games, socialize! Challenge yourself and learn something new, maybe a new language! It's a great time to start up long lost projects and ideas!

Get Out and Get Social!

Being socially active will not only keep you having fun with family and friends, but will also help you maintain great brain health to combat risks of memory loss. Have a game night with family or friends, or try being a part of helping a cause or joining a group of interest! Enroll in a new class, volunteer your time to something you would enjoy, join a walking club to walk and talk with new found friends or maybe a bowling team!

Simply find ways to keep your mind and body active and do everything to avoid an idle mind and aim to always be learning something new!

Keep Your Blood Pressure in Check

Increased blood pressure can increase your risk of dementia and many unwanted health risks! Your food is your fuel, so do everything you can to keep your body in a healthy state!

Keep Your Heart Healthy

A healthy heart is everything! It's your life!

In addition to endless health benefits with keeping your heart healthy, there has been various studies that have shown a possible link from many heart conditions like high blood pressure to heart disease, high cholesterol and more that could be connected with the increased risk of Alzheimer's.

Choose to love yourself and your life! Take care of your health by choosing to practice healthy habits that reduce risk of dementia and improve your overall well-being. No one else can do it for you! Your health is in your hands!

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